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Pangea charges a flat 13.9% fee on all credit card transactions

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Hiring on Pangea isn't just easier than working with a traditional recruiter; it's also better for your bottom line. See your total out-of-pocket costs for all of the compensations available for contracts on Pangea: Hourly, Monthly, per Deliverable, and per Project.

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Other places you hire charge a flat rate of 10% (or higher) of the talent’s salary if you want to hire them full-time. Our conversion fee starts at 10% of their annualized salary and decreases every time you make a payment.

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Pangea uses Stripe’s fast & secure payment gateway to easily link your bank account, complete invoices, and fight fraud. All included when you create your Pangea account.


ACH Payments

We’re working on activating ACH payments to decrease processing fees and bring direct deposit-like stability to high-value fractional contracts.

ACH payments will be accessible as an option in the invoice payment flow for select clients on launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to post a job on Pangea?

Posting a job on Pangea is completely free for clients. There are no charges or fees associated with creating and publishing job opportunities on our platform. Clients can easily post jobs to connect with our talent pool of highly skilled professionals without any cost or commitment.

What fees are associated with hiring talent through Pangea?

When hiring talent through Pangea, clients will encounter a 10% mark-up on the rates of the talented freelancers (plus 2.9% payment processing). This fee is added to the talent's rate, and the client will be billed accordingly. The 10% mark-up covers the cost of using Pangea's platform and services to facilitate the hiring process, ensuring smooth transactions and providing access to a diverse and curated talent pool.

Can I browse talent profiles and job listings without any cost or commitment?

There are no charges or fees associated with browsing talent profiles or job listings on Pangea. Clients can take their time to review the talent's qualifications, skills, and past work experiences, as well as explore available job postings without any financial obligation.Pangea aims to create an open and accessible marketplace, empowering clients to make informed decisions about their hiring needs while ensuring a seamless and transparent process for connecting with talented professionals.

How does the 10% mark-up on talent rates work, and what services does it cover?

When clients hire talented freelancers through the platform, the talent's rate is marked up by 10%, and this additional amount is billed to the client.

The 10% mark-up covers the cost of using Pangea's platform and services, providing a range of valuable benefits to both clients and freelancers:

Access to a Curated Talent Pool: Pangea handpicks and curates a talent pool of over 60,000 highly skilled professionals, ensuring clients have access to top-tier talent for their contract-to-hire engagements.

Secure Payment Processing: Pangea handles secure payment transactions between clients and freelancers, ensuring smooth and efficient financial interactions.

Seamless Contract Management: The platform facilitates on-platform contracts and payments between users, streamlining the entire process and reducing administrative burdens.

User Support: Pangea provides dedicated customer support to assist clients and talent with any inquiries or issues they may encounter on the platform.

Ongoing Platform Improvements: The revenue generated from the mark-up supports continuous platform enhancements, optimizing user experience and adding new features.

Can I cancel a job posting or a contract without incurring additional costs?

Yes, both clients and talent have the flexibility to cancel a job posting or a contract on Pangea without incurring any additional costs. Pangea understands that circumstances may change, and clients or freelancers might need to modify or terminate their engagements.

Does Pangea offer any money-back guarantee or refunds for unsatisfactory talent hires?

Clients can rest assured that in the event of any dissatisfaction or dispute with a hired freelancer, there is a structured and transparent procedure to address and resolve the issue.

Here's how the formal dispute process works:

If a client is not satisfied with the work delivered by a freelancer and believes that it does not meet the agreed-upon expectations, they can initiate the formal dispute process by contacting Pangea's customer support.

Pangea's support team will engage in a thorough assessment of the situation, ensuring that all relevant information and evidence from both parties are considered.

Throughout the dispute resolution process, Pangea will facilitate communication between the client and the freelancer to reach an amicable resolution.

If required, Pangea will provide mediation and assistance to find a fair and mutually agreeable solution for both parties.

How much does it cost to direct hire talent?

Clients are charged a Direct Hire fee equal to 13% of the calculated annualized salary. This fee is applicable for converting the contract-to-hire engagement into a full-time, permanent position within the company. Any platform fees already paid during the contract engagement are deducted from the Direct Hire fee.

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