The World of College Talent
We make it easy to find and manage part-time students to supercharge your business.
Find your next teammate before someone else does
College talent is raw. High-octane. And the lifeblood of the most innovative companies. They are dynamic digital natives who won’t burn a hole in your wallet. But sometimes it’s hard to engage them if you aren’t a fortune 500 company. We've made it easy for you to connect with college talent.
Designed for the Fortune 5 Million
We’ve reimagined how companies connect and work with college students on a 1099-basis.
Making talent accessible for entrepreneurs like Peggy.
Find students from colleges across the country, skilled in everything you haven’t gotten around to learning.
Easily set up contracts that work for you. You shouldn’t have to commit to a 40 hour a week hire if you only need 5.

Manage Pangeans effectively with our all-in-one dashboard. Our platform covers everything under an NDA and will handle 1099s.
Growing Together With Awesome Companies

"We love our partnership with Pangea! Not only is it a convenient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective service, our Pangean interns are very effective, lovely people. We highly recommend Pangea to anyone seeking a reputable intern-recruitment partner. It's so worth it!"

Mari Anne Snow, CEO, Sophaya and The Remote Nation Institute


"Outlier has worked with Pangeans on several projects. We’ve found Pangeans to be diligent and curious talent, and we look forward to growing together!"

Kira Tangney, Outlier