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Carlo Martin

Product Design leader • 15 years of experience • San Francisco, CA

Top Earner

Recommended 12x


Jason Smith

Product Designer • 6 years of experience • New York, NY

Top Earner



Erica Johnson

Product Designer • 5 years of experience • Nashville, TN

Top Earner

React Native


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Talent have experience working both in-house and at agencies for B2B, DTC, and B2C startups and brands.

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Pangea is now in 155 countries, We can serve as your EOR, help you navigate local regulations, and run cross-border payments - powered by our partner Deel.

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Liam H.
* Expert
Mason K.
* Expert
Emma W.
* Expert

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We’ve distilled the candidate search from endless hours down to just a few minutes. Using Pangea’s AI-powered search tools, you can find top fractional talent able to take on your next project. Our system looks at your company’s niche and your needs to find the perfect match faster than any traditional hiring platform.


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The top Product Design talent on Pangea is ready to get started with you right now. You can message or hire a candidate right from their profile page and start assigning work as soon as they respond. And the best part? Pangea’s fractional contract structure lets you start small and ramp up as your needs change, keeping your costs manageable and your team’s capabliities flexible.


Track work and invoices in one place

Assign tasks, track progress, and complete invoices all on Pangea. We’ve combined every part of the hiring process into one platform to eliminate the miscommunication that’s unavoidable on other freelance platforms. We even send out 1099s to your contractors at the end of the year!

Your Product Design hiring questions, answered

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Does Pangea have Product Design freelancers?


Pangea has thousands of Product Designers on our platform! Browse our private marketplace of talent to explore your options. We allow you to search for keywords or filter by role, availability, experience level, years of experience, rate, and location. If you have trouble finding the perfect Product Designer, our team of talent experts is here to help you get started!

Can I search for Product Designers with AI on Pangea?


Our AI talent search chatbot can help you find the right Product Designer for your needs. Either choose from common queries or enter your own search to get a match in seconds. We enrich the search with information about your company to find talent that’s worked in your industry. You can ask Pangea AI questions about your match’s experience or continue searching with additional criteria.

Is hiring a Product Designer on Pangea free?


Creating an account, posting a job, and messaging talent is all completely free on Pangea! We charge a low fee on all transactions facilitated by the platform.

Are Product Design freelancers on Pangea covered by an NDA?


When signing a contract with a Pangean, you have the option to use our standard contract & NDA or to provide your own. Our NDA covers most of our clients’ use cases while working with Product Designer contractors.

How are Product Designers on Pangea vetted?


Our team screens profiles for quality, completeness, and experience level. In addition, we also handpick the top talent on our platform to help them find high-quality clients. This factors into the decisions our ranking and matching algorithms make to help find your the best match for your needs.

Does Pangea offer customer support?


We’re always available to help answer questions and solve problems! You can chat with us through our website our send us an email. We’ve been rated highly on G2 and Product Hunt for our tenacity in finding clients the prefect fit the first time, and making things right if an engagement goes awry.

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