Raises $2MM Seed Round
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Our team is super excited to announce that we’ve raised a $2mm Seed Round to build a more fluid, reliable, and useful platform at every stage of your journey.

Generational Change

It’s becoming increasingly clear that freelancing is here to stay in a big way.  It’s estimated that 67.6mm Americans will be freelancing by the end of 2021 (nearly 42% of the entire US workforce!)

Gen Z is adopting freelancing faster than any other generation with 53% of adults aged 18 -  22 choosing to integrate freelancing into their lives (partly driven by the fast 43% of internships are still unpaid!). At Pangea, we believe that this shift away from the traditional internship model will enable this emerging generation unparalleled independence and control over their careers and lives (if done right). 

Accelerating the Inflection

In the past 12 months, students and recent grads from more than 850 colleges across the US and Canada have come to Pangea to find freelance work

In that time, we’ve grown GMV nearly 400; helping Pangeans earn nearly $500,000.  

To further our mission and our growth, we’re announcing our $2mm Series Seed led by Idea Fund Partners, with participation from PJC, Unpopular Ventures, Brown Angel Group, 572* Ventures, along with Rob Biederman (Catalant), Colin Evans (Stubhub), Daniel Pourasghar (Airbnb), Lev Popov, Wenchi Yu, Howard Love, John Jannotti, and my YC batch mate Andy Su.

A massive thank you to our investors, advisors, and believers (especially Tim Brady @ Y Combinator, and David Hehman and Alex Chang of Underdog Labs).

And to Lister Delgado, Managing Partner of Idea Fund who will be joining our board.

What’s next

This round of funding will go directly towards improving our product on every front to help students and grads find and manage freelance work.

Today we’re officially announcing our launch of Community, a networking platform for students and grads navigating their independent careers to connect and support one another. 

We’ve also continued to invest in and improve our Top Emerging Talent program; an accelerator for students and grads to hone their freelancing skills.

Join us

The way we think about work is changing in exciting and radical ways. Freelancing represents a new world of opportunity for the next generation and we see it as our duty to not only prepare them but also enable them, building dynamic tools that grow with students even after they graduate.

We are hiring 3 Software Engineers to join our team as we execute on an exciting product roadmap that covers nearly every aspect of the customer journey. 

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