3 New Updates to Make Hiring on Pangea.app Even Easier
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3 New Updates to Make Hiring on Pangea.app Even Easier

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Here at Pangea, we’re always looking for ways to make hiring college freelancers as easy and transparent as possible. With the client experience in mind, we launched three new updates sure to help you locate and hire the next big talents in tech, design, business, and more.

Pangea Pro

As you browse talent on Pangea, you’ll notice certain profiles are now adorned with the status of Pangea Pro. Making up the top 1% of freelancers on our platform, these Pros are verified, experienced talents, hand selected by the Pangea team. There is not a single Pro on the platform Pangea wouldn’t be happy hiring ourselves.

To be considered a Pangea Pro, freelancers must go through a thorough vetting process. Potential Pros’ are required to submit resumes, portfolios, and references, all of which are reviewed by us to verify their qualifications and areas of expertise. 

If you’re the type who proactively seeks potential candidates through the talent feed, our Pangea Pros are easy to track down. Simply search by category, skillset, or university,  then toggle on the Pro Talent filter for an exclusive view of Pangea’s who’s who. With our next update, we make it even easier to connect with and hire your ideal candidates (if you can believe it).

Work With Me

Pangea’s new Work With Me feature allows you to reach out to freelancers directly without posting a job. Whether it’s a Pro who catches your eye or an emerging talent from your alma mater, you no longer have to wait for them to apply to your post in order to engage. 

When viewing a Pangean’s profile, you’ll now see a Connect With Freelancer button right above the Invite to Job feature. As usual, Invite to Job will still request them to submit an application to a current job post of yours. Connect With Freelancer allows more proactive outreach, where you’ll be able to specify the areas in which you need help, the level of commitment you require, your ideal budget, and any other pertinent project information.
From this point on, it’s Pangea as usual. All you need to do is send an offer their way and put them to work!

Updated Filtering & Sorting

With these two powerful additions to the Pangea platform, it was imperative we make finding the folks for you as easy as possible. In addition to filtering by hard and soft skills, category, and university, Pangea clients can now sort and filter by:

  • Specialty
  • Base Rate
  • Availability
  • Earned Amount ($0-$5,000+)
  • Pangea Pro Status

Not only are these updates aimed towards improving client user experiences, they have been informed by former ones. If you ever have any feedback or feature requests you’d like to see implemented on Pangea, be sure to let us know by emailing support@pangea.app.