How to Communicate Your Content Goals
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How to Communicate Your Content Goals

Table of Contents

Content is a major aspect of successfully branding a company and it is imperative that everyone is on the same page. Content is very specific for each industry, like here at Our team has to talk about what articles and social media posts will suit our audience and how we can better educate both sides of customer base to optimize their success. Either way, content should serve your customers, forging loyalty on both ends.

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In order to communicate content goals, you will want to understand what your team is trying to accomplish as a whole. Do you want more clicks? Do you want more followers on social media? Do you want more eyes on your blog posts?

Setting strategic goals will help you better achieve your objective, but you’ll need to know where to start in order to actually frame your goals. You might ask how, but it’s fairly simple. Ask your clients for their KPIs – or key performance indicators. If you don’t know what a KPI is, they are quantifiable values that demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. And yes, content counts!  

Once you straighten out what kind of content you want to focus on, you will want to figure out how and when it will be dispersed.

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Now, I am a logistical nightmare at meeting deadlines, but I have a fabulous team to keep me in line and make sure I’m sending in my articles on a *somewhat* reasonable timeline. I want to remind you that not every client will be as flexible or forgiving. Make sure to talk about hard and soft deadlines before agreeing to take on the role.

There are an endless amount of tools that can help your lead content creator keep track of what needs to be covered, but a content calendar is a necessity.

Here’s what you should include on your content calendar:

  1. Specify the type of content
  2. Clearly assign the item to a teammate/content contributor
  3. Clarify next steps once the piece is complete
  4. Include necessary assets, i.e. social media promotions, graphics

This isn’t an end all be all type of approach, but it could make sure you’re staying on top of things and furthering your company’s brand!