4 Tips for Your Social Media Content Calendar
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4 Tips for Your Social Media Content Calendar

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Four tips for becoming a social media creator, especially when managing multiple freelance projects at one time.

Planning is crucial to every social media marketing gig you’ll find on Pangea.app, and content calendars are a great way to put your social media plans into action. I recommend creating a content calendar at the beginning of every month with the following four tips in mind...

1. Use Different Types of Media

Keep your followers on their toes by mixing up the way you present your product or brand. Make sure to post plenty of graphics, videos, and gifs that grab the attention of your viewers. Plus, you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to do this!

Try softwares like Canva, BeFunky Graphic Designer, or Pixlr to create eye-catching graphics from scratch or a template.

2. Don’t Overuse Content

Consistency is key for social media marketing, but overdoing it will make your page boring. My rule of thumb is to avoid repeating the same post more than twice in a month. And, if you choose not to change your written content, simply pair it with a new graphic or video every time you post!

In the long-term, try to avoid repetition, too. While pulling a few posts from past months is okay, you need to adapt your monthly content calendars to meet the needs of your company’s changing objectives.

3. Choose the Right Hashtags

If you’ve ever heard of a sales funnel, think of hashtags the same way. Pair all of your posts with a few generic hashtags, a few industry-specific hashtags, and a few branded hashtags. By using hashtags with varying levels of specificity, you can get your product or service in front of individuals with different levels of product awareness.

4. Talk About (Little) Holidays

While your company may not want to involve itself in major religious or national holidays, it's important to connect your product to real life. One of my favorite ways to do this is to discuss little holidays like National Dog Day, National Ice Cream Day, or any other special day that warrants celebration. If you can use language that connects your product to the holiday while also reflecting the company’s values or culture, your post will be a winner!

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