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At Pangea we believe that

You should be in the pilot’s seat

The balance of hiring needs to change. That’s why we built Pangea, a platform that gives talent a say in their work. You get to choose your clients, rate, and work hours and never have to pay platform fees with your hard earned work.

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One central hub for everything you’ve created. Let clients browse your experience, education, and work preferences — it’s a resume, portfolio, and website, all in one.

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Open your profile to a new world of opportunities. Clients can search and filter their way to you for projects & contract work, ready to start ASAP.

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From post to application, Pangea cuts the crap — and the wait time — from traditional hiring. Apply in minutes and hear back in days, with a real human on the other side.

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Find startups that align with your values and reach out directly to their founders, all powered by our exclusive network of mission-driven companies.

Take control of

Your time, your rate, & your terms

Take pride in your work and the freedom to do it your way. Whether that means 1 hour a week or 40, Pangea’s flexible contracts let you set the pace. And if you find the right fit, you can join a company full-time without any fees. Just another way we are breaking the mold.

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We cater to

Jobs that build Products

Marketing Jobs

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Growth Marketing Strategy

Writing Jobs

  • Blog Writing
  • Creative Writing

Design Jobs

  • Graphic Design
  • UX Design

Business Jobs

  • Customer Success
  • Market Research
  • Business Operations
  • Lead Generation

Engineering Jobs

  • Software Engineers
  • Website Builders & CMS
  • Data Analysis
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Arshad Ahamed

Website Builder/CMS Specialist

"For value-driven freelancers looking to connect with clients and generate a reliable income, Pangea is a fantastic platform. I've been able to make over $6000 as a web developer thanks to Pangea's expansive and encouraging network, which has aided me in developing my skills and advancing my career."

Christian Womack

Quality Assurance Specialist

"Pangea introduced me to some amazing clients, and they are always eager to help you find more!"

Catherine OConnor

Social Media Manager

"Working on Pangea opened a level of opportunity for internships and paid work that I otherwise would not have had in both college and deep pandemic. I am so incredibly thankful for the experiences I've gained from various positions I've worked through Pangea!"

Bailey Dahlgren

Operations Manager

"Having the opportunity to work on Pangea has transformed the way I maneuver through remote, freelance jobs. I have more autonomy when choosing the contracts that are right for me, commitment-wise. And the Pangea team has been an excellent resource where I feel fully supported as I pursue continued work with the platform and new clients."

Paul Lukas Blythe

Operations Manager

"I would have never gotten as far as I have in my career without all of the experience I gained through Pangea. It has given me the expertise to successfully start and grow all sorts of businesses, become a "jack-of-all-trades" for any company, and build an unmatched network with founders and freelancers throughout the world."

Perfect Tangban

Computer Scientist

"Working on Pangea made exposed me to a side of work that I was missing out on. I gradually built my resume and have been able to network in order to be in the right path for my career."

Anna Lysenko

Blog Writer

"Absolutely incredible platform! I got my first contract at Pangea - it unlocked so much of my potential, teaching me valuable skills and industry knowledge while giving me income! The flexibility in my work schedule and hours was just the cherry on top."

Preeticha Pandey


"Working on Pangea gave me the opportunity to break the cycle of "you need experience to get work and you need work to get experience." It helped build my resume, grow my network and learn more about my future career path."

Tre Zamora

Graphic Designer

"Working on Pangea has granted me the freedom to pursue my passions in design and helped me reach a comfortable sense of financial stability. Pangea has opened up a whole new world of community, creative freedom, and  growth."

Find work on
your terms