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What should I put for my base rate?


Setting your base rate is an essential step in determining your compensation on When choosing your base rate, take into account several factors to ensure it accurately reflects your value and aligns with industry standards:

  1. Experience Level: Consider your expertise, skill level, and years of experience in your field. Your base rate should reflect the value you bring to the table as a professional.
  2. Type of Work: Different types of work may warrant different rates. Assess the complexity, specialization, and demands of the projects you undertake to determine an appropriate base rate.
  3. Industry Standards: Research the prevailing rates within your industry and location. Being aware of the average rates can help you position your base rate competitively.
  4. Pangea Fee Structure: Take into account the fees charged by on Clients (10%) for using the platform.

Remember, your base rate is not set in stone and can be adjusted based on the specifics of each project. Being flexible with your rates while staying true to your worth can help you secure exciting contract opportunities and build a strong reputation on Set a rate that reflects your skills, expertise, and the value you bring to clients, and let your talent speak for itself.