Getting Hired

What is the difference between hourly and per deliverable compensation?


On, we offer two distinct compensation models to cater to different working styles.

  1. Hourly Compensation: When you choose to work by the hour, you will invoice your client for the total amount of time spent on their project during the week. This model provides flexibility, as you get paid for the exact number of hours you put in, making it ideal for tasks that require varying levels of effort.
  2. Per Deliverable Compensation: With per deliverable compensation, you agree on a fixed rate for completing a specific creation or project. For instance, you might set a rate of $50 per blog post. Regardless of the time invested, you will receive the agreed-upon amount once the deliverable is completed. This model suits well-defined tasks and allows for easier budgeting and project planning.

Both compensation options have their merits, and you can choose the one that best aligns with your working preferences and the nature of the project. At, we value your autonomy and aim to provide you with the compensation model that suits you best.