What is Pangean status?


Pangean status represents how much a freelancer has worked through the Pangea platform. This status is calculated based on overall platform earnings, and our payment system rewards you as you level up, so the more you earn the more you get to keep.

Every Pangean starts their journey at Bronze status (less than $1,000 earned = 20% fee), and has the opportunity to level up to Silver (over $1,000 earned = 15% fee), Gold (over $2,500 earned = 10% fee), & Diamond (over $5,000 earned = 5%fee).

Once you achieve a new status level you will have that status for life or till your next upgrade and your status fee structure will be carried over across all of your current contracts and future contracts.

An additional status level is Pangea Pro. Pangea Pro is application based program for experienced freelancers, and if selected to be a Pangea Pro you’ll get fast tracked to diamond status (instant 5% fee on all contracts).

To learn more and see a break down of our status levels please follow this link here & to apply to Pangea Pro please follow this link here (must have Pangea profile created first in order to apply for Pro).