What is Pangean status?


Pangean status is a metric that reflects the extent of a freelancer's activity and engagement on the platform. It measures how much a freelancer has worked through the platform and indicates their level of experience and involvement within the Pangea community.

As freelancers actively use to apply for jobs, complete contracts, and participate in various projects, their Pangean status increases based on their cumulative activity. This status serves as a representation of their commitment, reliability, and dedication to their freelance work on the platform.

A higher Pangean status may provide additional benefits or privileges, such as increased visibility to clients or access to exclusive opportunities. It can also be an indicator of a freelancer's reputation and performance within the ecosystem.

Pangean status plays a crucial role in helping clients discover and connect with talented freelancers who have demonstrated a track record of success and reliability. For freelancers, it serves as a testament to their commitment to their craft and their dedication to delivering high-quality work on the Pangea platform.