General Payouts

How does Pangea make money?

Answer operates on a sustainable and transparent revenue model that benefits both talent and clients. Here's how we generate revenue:

For Talent:

  • Creating a profile, applying to jobs, and sending invoices are entirely free for talent on our Basic plan. This allows talented individuals to explore opportunities and connect with clients without any upfront costs.
  • We offer an optional subscription plan called Cosmic, priced at $9.99 per month. Talent who upgrade to the Cosmic plan gain access to premium features that enhance their visibility and improve their chances of being discovered by potential clients.

For Clients:

  • When clients hire talent through, we apply a 10% mark-up on the invoices they receive from talent (plus processing fees). This mark-up helps support the platform's operations, enabling us to continuously improve our services and provide a seamless experience for both talent and clients.

At, our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. By providing a free Basic plan for talent and offering a value-added subscription plan, we aim to empower talent while ensuring our platform remains sustainable. Simultaneously, our revenue from the mark-up on client invoices enables us to maintain and enhance the platform, making it a robust marketplace for connecting talent and companies seeking contract-to-hire engagements.