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General Payouts

How does Pangea make money?


At Pangea.app, we generate revenue through a transparent and straightforward model. We charge companies a 10% mark-up on the rate of their talent, in addition to processing fees. This mark-up is applied to the compensation paid to the freelancers for their work on the platform.

In addition to the mark-up, we offer companies the option to upgrade their accounts to one of our membership plans. These membership plans provide additional features and benefits that cater to the specific needs of companies seeking exceptional talent for their projects.

By utilizing this revenue model, Pangea.app ensures that companies have access to a diverse pool of highly skilled professionals across various industries, including design, growth, operations, product, engineering, and more. We strive to offer competitive pricing while maintaining the quality of service and support for both clients and freelancers.

Our goal is to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem where forward-thinking companies can easily connect with ambitious and talented freelancers, fostering successful collaborations and helping businesses achieve their goals.