Working with Talent

Can I use for recurring contract engagements with the same freelancers?


Absolutely! is designed to support both one-time projects and recurring contract engagements with the same freelancers. We understand that businesses often have ongoing needs and may require the expertise of talented professionals on a regular basis.

Using for recurring contract engagements offers several advantages:

  1. Efficiency: Once you've established a working relationship with a freelancer and are satisfied with their performance, you can easily re-engage them for future projects. This saves time on the hiring process and allows you to focus on the project itself.
  2. Consistency: Working with the same freelancers consistently fosters familiarity and understanding of your company's goals, values, and processes. This can lead to increased efficiency and smoother collaborations.
  3. Streamlined Payments:'s integrated payment system makes it convenient to manage payments for recurring projects. You can easily set up and process payments for each engagement.
  4. Building Long-Term Relationships: By engaging the same freelancers for recurring projects, you have the opportunity to build long-term relationships with skilled professionals who are invested in your company's success.
  5. Flexibility: allows you to create contracts with varying timeframes, enabling you to adjust the duration of each engagement based on project requirements.

Whether you need ongoing assistance in a specific area or require specialized expertise for different projects throughout the year, provides the platform and tools to support your recurring contract engagements.

By fostering long-term collaborations with talented freelancers, you can build a reliable team of experts who understand your business needs and contribute to its growth and success.