Top 16 Freelancing Sites for Finding Online Work
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Top 16 Freelancing Sites for Finding Online Work

With over 1.5 billion freelancers in the world today, it’s safe to say this whole freelancing thing is not a fad.
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Freelancing is a viable way for workers from all walks of life to find paid opportunities in their fields, whether they’re looking for a side hustle or to make a career out of it.

If you’re considering the freelance route, let this serve as your map to success. Below, we’ve highlighted 20 of the top freelancing sites for finding online work so you can determine which platform best serves your needs.


If you're an emerging remote worker, is the perfect place to start your freelancing career. Pangea works alongside thousands of startups, small businesses and more to connect talent with impactful opportunities in the areas of Digital Marketing, Writing, Design, Tech, and other product roles.

Paying out over $1.5M to emerging freelancers in the past two years, Pangea is the premier place for freelancers to find work and get paid. If you’ve already got a wealth of experience in your field, apply to be a Pangea Pro today. Pangea Pros make up the top 1% of talent on the platform and receive the lowest fees of any freelance website out there.


The top dog in the freelancing space, Upwork has hundreds of thousands of clients turning to their platform for their freelance hiring needs. On Upwork, freelancers can seek out and apply to opportunities, with companies being able to seek out freelancers as well. 

While there are tons of freelance gigs on this platform, the extremely high volume of freelancers makes it hard to stand out. For instance, there are over 12 million freelancers on Upwork today and less than 200K companies, so landing those projects you're most interested in may prove to be difficult. All in all, if you’re looking to test the freelancing waters, it can’t hurt to give Upwork a shot.


Unlike most freelancing sites, Fiverr is geared more towards freelancers selling their services than seeking out and applying to opportunities. Sure, you can still apply for gigs, but ultimately you are looking for companies to purchase your unique services at a rate named by you, as opposed to the other way around.

Fiverr Sellers are able to create their own personal marketplace for potential buyers to peruse, however there is a flat 20% fee that comes out of every dime earned on-platform. Many Sellers make bank on Fiverr, but for the amount of work that goes into landing clients in this space it may not be worth it for most.


If you’re an experienced marketing wiz, MarketerHire is the perfect place for you. With a stringent vetting process, this platform only works with experienced industry professionals. Those accepted as MarketerHire freelancers have a far greater chance of landing the roles they desire than on other platforms. 

If you fit the MarketerHire mold, you stand to make some serious coin. Whether you’re a social media pro or an email expert, this is a platform that allows marketers to turn themselves into fully functioning, money-making, independent businesses. 


Boasting the top 3% of freelancers on the planet, Toptal promises high-quality deliverables from experts in the areas of graphic design, software engineering, financial services, and much more. This is by far the highest paying freelancer platform out there today, but you need years of proven experience in your field to be accepted. 

If you have the knowhow and the skills to back it up, Toptal is definitely worth a shot. When they say only 3% of applicants get accepted, they mean it, but those who make it through can legitimately make six figures freelancing in their fields. 


While LinkedIn is not a freelancing site, there are still tons of freelance opportunities posted there every day. By pursuing freelancing gigs on LinkedIn you are forgoing many of the benefits that come along with using a freelance website like Pangea, such as their time tracking, contracting, and invoicing capabilities.

However, if you’re comfortable with going it alone, LinkedIn is a viable source for finding freelance gigs. Just be sure to have your ducks in a row, get everything in writing, and make sure you’re getting paid!

Connecting over 60 million freelancers and companies from around the world, is the largest freelancing site out there. Founded almost two decades ago, this platform is the real OG of this industry.

Similar to Upwork, this is a very congested space so it may be difficult for younger, less experienced freelancers to land gigs. Being around as long as they have, it’s also imperative to watch out for scammers and bad actors using the platform to take advantage of freelance talent. This is not an issue exclusive to this particular site, but something to watch out for with such a high volume of users.


Connecting freelancers with opportunities since 1998, Guru is an established industry leader of the now digital freelancing space. Having paid over $250M to freelancers over the past 20+ years, this freelancing site is tried and true. 

Beyond the usual freelance gigs we see on most platforms, Guru also works with freelancers in the areas of:

  • Architecture
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Law
  • Translation Services
  • & more

Guru is a viable option for all types of freelancers, whether you’re just starting out or have 10 years experience. 

Flexjobs is a website that allows job seekers to get a range of different remote employment opportunities, including part-time, full-time and freelance work. This site offers a variety of jobs in a wide range of industries, including business, finance, healthcare, marketing, technology and more. is a great resource for job seekers who are looking for a flexible work schedule, help to find a job that matches their skills and interests, and access to thousands of online work opportunities. It is more focused on part-time and full-time work, however you will come across freelance gigs as well.


TaskRabbit is a membership-based marketplace where users can find and hire freelancers for a variety of in-person tasks and projects. This site is much different than others, in that you’ll see services for things like handy work, cleaning services, moving services, and other on-site projects. 

If you’re looking to build a career in graphic design or digital marketing, this might not be the place for you. But, if you’re a skilled laborer or looking to make a few extra bucks on the side, give TaskRabbit a go.


SimplyHired is an online platform that connects job seekers with remote employers. It is a great resource for those who are looking for a remote job or freelance gig, or for employers who are looking for quality remote talent. 

SimplyHired provides a variety of resources, including advice on resume writing and interviewing. This is not a freelancing specific site per se, but there are tons of great freelance gigs posted here daily.


Designhill is a digital marketplace that allows designers to sell their designs to a large audience. It has a wide range of products and services to offer, including a design marketplace, a design sourcing platform, and a design training portal. The design marketplace allows designers to sell their designs to consumers, businesses, and even other designers. 

If you’re a freelance graphic designer, this is the perfect place to tap into your niche. Design logos, t-shirts, websites, and more for clients across the globe by applying for gigs, submitting your work into contests, and getting paid what you deserve.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a freelancing site that embraces the freedom remote working allows. With a wide range of opportunities spanning from SEO specialists the healthcare workers, this site provides access to countless remote and temporary on-site roles for the telecommuter. 

Whether you’re working from home or from the road, Working Nomads has tons of great paying freelance gigs that can be done from anywhere. This way, if you are the traveling type, you can make some dough on the go.


Behance is a website that allows artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their work and connect with potential clients. With more than 150 million monthly visitors, Behance has become the go-to destination for creative professionals around the world. From experience design to photography and everything in between, 

Behance offers a wealth of resources to help you improve your skills and reach your goals. Whether you're a professional photographer looking for new inspiration or a creative amateur hoping to find a client, Behance is the perfect place to explore and connect with like-minded professionals.


PeoplePerHour is a great resource for finding remote work opportunities. You can filter jobs based on location, skill set, or job type. You can also see a list of the most popular jobs and see how many people are currently working on those jobs. 

In order to join PeoplePerHour, you must pass through their application process and become a certified freelancer. Since not just anyone is allowed it, your odds of landing the freelance gigs your most interested in are higher than some other, more crowded platforms.


SolidGigs automates the freelancer process for you, curating custom feeds with client leads that best suit you. This is one of the only freelancing sites that charges freelancers a monthly fee, however they do not take any fees out of your pay. 

If you’re already a formidable freelancer and are confident in your gig landing abilities, it might be worth testing the waters with a monthly subscription. If you’re just getting started in your freelance journey however, your best bet is to join a free platform like

That’s a Wrap

Well, there you have it! Our top 16 freelancing sites for finding online work. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or want to dive head first into freelancing, there are tons of valuable resources available to you. Each freelancing site offers it’s own unique value, so it all boils down to what’s important to you.

If you find saving time and making money to be important, sign up for for free today. Sure, we’re biased. Yes, we put ourselves at the top of this list. That being said, we love our Pangeans and do everything we can to help them become freelancing aficionados. 

For tips on how to become the best freelancer you can be, be sure to check out Pangea Academy.