Top 10 Features of the New HQ
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Top 10 Features of the New HQ

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For the past year, we’ve been lucky to work out of the CIC in Providence, a world-class co-working environment with an awesome community.

However, as COVID gripped America we had to rethink how our team worked.  

As a small startup (only 4 full-time team members) things happen at a rapid pace and there is always a ton of work to be done.  Working remotely was difficult for us when every day new things arise that need to be solved in real-time together.

Our team moved in together and converted the first floor of the house into the new Pangea HQ.  Here are some of the highlights:

1. Freshly painted walls (with an accent wall!)

The first thing we did we give the walls a fresh coat of paint.  We went with a super soft blue on the 3 of the walls, and a deep blue for our accent wall.  It instantly gave the room a “new” feel and smell.

2. 8’ frosted whiteboard (our neighbor a RISD grad from the 80s helped us put it in, thanks Gorm)

On the accent wall, we installed an 8’ whiteboard on a custom mount our neighbor made for us (thanks Gorm!).  Communication is key and a white board is one of the best ways to express your ideas. We’ve already filled it 3 times over.

3. Sitting/standing desks w/ cute little mushroom lights

We removed all the furniture in the space and brought in 4 desks that you can adjust the elevation of with a little hand crank.  We also got this cool little mushroom lamps that give off a super watm light.  Great for after the sun sets ☺

4. LED light system.

Speaking of lights, we installed LED light strips around the perimeter of the room.  They change color which is fun.

5. Displays, Displays, Displays

We call John’s the Spaceship.

6. Lunch Wheel (for when we can’t decide what to eat)

We have enough to think about, least of which should be what we want for lunch.  So we have this carnival wheel that picks for us.

7. LOTS of post-it notes

I think this is our biggest variable expense… But Tae has gotten be addicted.

8. WORKING FIRE PLACE!!! To keep us warm in the PVD winter

It get’s cold up here in Providence.  Can’t wait to get his wood burning fireplace fired up for the winter!

9. Co-working table (perfect for team lunches and dinners)

While having our own desks is nice, having a table we can sit around together is awesome.  We do our morning “stand-ups” here as well as lunch/dinner.

10. Team Pet (hermit crabs)

We bought John a nocturnal hermit crab to keep him company during late night coding sessions.  But then Kacie and Tae stated complaining that hermit crabs are social creatures and that he needed a friend. So now we have 4…