Tips for Applying to Top Emerging Talent
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Tips for Applying to Top Emerging Talent

Put your best foot forward when applying to the Summer '21 class of Top Emerging Talent
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Every 3 months we accept a batch of Top Emerging Talent and invite them to join an exclusive community of 500+ fellow high-achieving Pangeans.  Those selected get placed in a special category on to make it easier for employers to find them and they also earn a badge on their profile. 

Here are some tips on applying to Top Emerging Talent:

1. Apply early

We review every applicant on a rolling basis and every batch has an early decision deadline.  Most people tend to wait till the last minute to apply, but we get swamped and have less time to spend with each candidate.  Your best bet is apply as soon as you see the program (never wait) so that we have more time to review your application and so that you get first lick at an interview with us.

2. Talk about something you're proud of building

We accept people based on something they’ve accomplished (doesn’t have to be work related).  For instance, in high-school I worked on a lot film projects and won a contest hosted by Arizona Green Tea.  I was proud of it (and it was a way to talk about what I was good at).  We don’t expect you to have had an internship at Instagram (in fact getting an internship is NOT building something).  But we want to hear about something you’ve done and are passionate about. Whatever it might be Pangea is a place for people who want to DO things.

3. Add a link to work you've done (if you have it)

If you can share work you’ve done (whatever it is) there is a place in the application where you can add a link to it.  You can upload things to a google drive folder, link a personal portfolio/YouTube page, or toss in your Instagram page.  Anything that helps us get a better sense of you and/or the work you’ve done is awesome.

4. Use your unique referral link to share the program with friends

When you complete the application, you’ll receive a unique link that you can share with friends.  Referring people shows us that you have great communication skills, and we give priority invites to people who get their friends to apply.

5. Show up to the interview excited (and ask questions)

Once we review applications, we invite promising applicants to a short 10 minute interview.  These are a chance for us to get to know you a bit better (and for you to get to know us).  We won’t ask you technical questions, but we will ask you about what areas you are strongest (and what areas you are looking to grow). The key here is to show up on time.

APPLY NOW (you have nothing to lose)