This is Your Sign to Start Freelancing
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This is Your Sign to Start Freelancing

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Our generation is all about signs, here's yours to start freelancing.

So you’re back to school and find yourself with odd hours and random free time. You might be low on cash, or spending faster than you’re making. Not to worry, I’ve got the solution for you, and it’s not taking online surveys or working a time consuming on campus job. Sure, you have the freedom to do either of those, but wouldn’t you rather freelance?

This is your sign to start, here’s why.

1. Build Your Skills

You can take a lot of concepts that you’re learning in the classroom and actually apply them to real life situations and projects. Are you learning about influencer culture or how AI changes how people interact with technology? There’s most likely a job on that will help you apply this knowledge on the job.

2. Add To Your Resume

There’s arguably no better way to add to your resume than with a professional and independent experience. You’ve taken it upon yourself in college to seek out professional experiences that will serve you well in the future, making you an impressive candidate.

3. Do It On Your Time

Maybe you find yourself with a lot more work than you were expecting, that’s okay! The beauty of freelancing is being your own boss, making your own schedule. If you have a class from 10:00 to 12:00 on Wednesday, then you won’t be taking a meeting with clients. The only person approving your schedule is you.

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The challenge might be how you start, which is the hardest part.

1. Take Time Creating Your Profile

You will have a profile on, which will give potential clients and other Pangeans the opportunity to learn more about you. Be sure to put time into this profile since it really serves as a first impression.  Update it pretty regularly, or as soon as you finish an engagement of any sort, whether on or elsewhere.

2. Utilize Your Network offers a community of not just clients, but other Pangeans. But sure to explore our home page to connect with your peers, who could also help set you up with opportunities. And Pangea isn’t just a job search platform, we host in-person events to help you nurture your connections and create new ones. Everyone at Pangea is cheering you on and wants to see you succeed.

3. Be Confident

Clients know they’re working with young professionals who may not know all the answers. That’s the beauty of young talent. As the saying goes, “fake it ‘til you make it.” So, you know you’ve got the skills, but you’ve never managed your own time before. Learn! Be confident and have faith in yourself. Potential clients who choose to work with you will have faith in your knowledge, treating you as a valued member of the team.  

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I always ask this, but what are you waiting for? The extra cash isn’t going to make itself. There’s no better way to make money than on your own terms.

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