The Art of the Corporate Instagram Feed
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The Art of the Corporate Instagram Feed

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Make sure your clients make a good first impression on their Instagram-savvy customers

60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram, and over 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily. So what’s the best social media marketing strategy for Instagram? Aesthetics, of course!

As a freelancer on, you need to know how to make a corporate Instagram account eye-catching. If you can create a perfectly-curated Instagram feed, you have the power to put a business leagues ahead of its competition. Let’s talk about a few of the best ways to create a striking corporate Instagram feed:

1. Colors

The easiest way to make an Instagram feed stand out is by establishing a clear color palette. Plus, if you can play into color archetypes, you may be able to inspire an emotional reaction from viewers, too. For your Instagram, pick a base color, an accent color, and a neutral color to focus on. You can play around with shades occasionally, but make sure your three main colors are consistent down to the color hex code.


2. Lights and darks

Creating a pattern of lights and darks on your feed is a great way to have an eye-catching aesthetic. By posting 3 dark posts in a row followed by 3 light posts, you can create rows of alternating lights and darks. 

You can also play around with different patterns like checkers! 


Whatever you choose to do with lights and darks, make sure it’s intentional. If you’re not planning carefully, it can be easy to create accidental shapes that can distract or confuse viewers.

3. Subjects

Creating an aesthetic on Instagram is all about lifestyle - so what kind of lifestyle is sought after by your target customers? Make sure the subjects of your posts show your product being consumed by these types of people. My biggest tip here is to make sure the subjects of your photos are diverse! 

4. Puzzle feeds

Puzzle feeds can get a little tricky, but they can make a huge difference in your brand’s aesthetic. If photoshop is a skill on your profile, you can probably create a puzzle feed with no problems, but for the rest of us, Canva and creative thinking will suffice (and I’ve perfected this method).

There are two types of puzzle feeds you can create. The first one looks more “puzzle-y” but you risk sacrificing the integrity of individual posts. My tip here is to make sure you have a main photo in each post, with small areas of overlap. has some great templates to try, although you may need to corporate-ify them depending on your gig.

The second option is much less complex: it has one background photo or color, and a framed image for each post. You can add decorative elements for more pizazz, but I prefer this version because each of your posts are meaningful on their own.


5. Graphics

Graphics on corporate Instagrams are important, but they can also be impersonal. Try to posthuman subjects along with graphics. My biggest piece of advice regarding Instagram graphics is to create a few core templates and make small edits to shapes and colors every time you post. Make sure you incorporate unique shapes while maintaining your brand’s color palette to add visual interest. I like to draw inspiration from LinkedIn Marketing’s Instagram.

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