Techstars: The Ultimate Startup Accelerator
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Techstars: The Ultimate Startup Accelerator

Techstars is a global startup accelerator program. We’ll cover everything on how to succeed with Techstars’ powerful funding, mentorship, and community.
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Calling all founders! Interested in growing your business? No matter where you are in the world, Techstars can help.

Founded in 2006, Techstars is a competitive startup accelerator that provides young companies access to funding, mentorship, and community. They can take your startup to the next level.  Their one goal is simple: to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Are you in?

Where is Techstars?

Techstars runs about 50 accelerator programs all over the world every year. From Boulder to Tel Aviv, there’s a Techstars accelerator for your unique needs. There are even remote programs, enabling access to the program from virtually anywhere. No pun intended.

Some are even industry-specific. What does that mean? Some programs are geared towards companies in a certain domain with their types of mentorship and funding opportunities. One example of this is the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator, zoning in on the future of food and agriculture.

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Applying to Techstars

Each Techstar accelerator program welcomes a batch of companies every year and is 3 months long. Founders move through a thorough application process. It includes a written application, rounds of interviews, and time in front of a screening committee at the end. By the way, if you need any tips on building confidence for a remote interview, we’ve got you covered.

The process is pretty selective, admitting fewer applicants to their programs than Harvard. According to Forbes, their acceptance rate hovers around 1%.

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However, being a part of a small batch offers you and your team the opportunity to be in a tight-knit community with more direct mentorship access.

This sounds intimidating. However, the team at Techstars encourages applicants to view the process in itself as an opportunity to improve. It can take plenty of companies a couple of tries to make it into an accelerator program, so don’t get discouraged if it’s not a good fit on the first try.

How Techstars Stands Apart

After all this, you may be wondering, what makes Techstars different from other accelerator programs for startups?

The main difference is Techstars’ emphasis on global relationships. Not only are their programs worldwide, but their mentorship network is also international. Once you’re in the Techstars community, you have access to its benefits for life. In their own words, Techstars’ mission is to create positive social and economic change and transform the world by making innovation accessible to anyone, anywhere.

So, what are you waiting for? What will you build?