Staying Organized with Airtable
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Staying Organized with Airtable

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Have you ever wanted to completely re-organize your life or work? Airtable is essentially a modular database that you can configure to meet your needs. Whether that be basic to-do lists, goal tracking, and more, Airtable’s powerful platform allows you to personalize it suitable for your use case.

So you’ve been offered an amazing job opportunity through, and you’ve been briefed that you’ll be using Airtable. Or, you’re just looking for ways to re-organize. While there are many programs like Notion, Asana and others, Airtable is widely regarded as one of the most user-friendly and intuitive platforms. 

Use Case

Airtable can be used for a plethora of activities, ranging from to-do lists to advanced financial and budget tracking. The modular database allows you to configure it to meet your needs. Each Database is simply referred to as a base.

At this point, you’ve probably looked online and found some very confusing, advanced databases and thought to yourself, “Ya, I’ll stick to the Reminders app on my phone” and while that is fair, Airtable is quite easy to use and stay organized. 

Getting Your Base Started

Once you’ve decided on your use case, you can head right in and create your own base. It’ll look very empty and far from the advanced databases you’ve seen before, but remember, simplicity is key. Once you’ve started to design your base to meet your needs, you should attempt to organize it using Airtable’s built-in features like Views, and Integrations. 


Airtable offers an amazing feature called Views - a feature designed for different use cases. Powerful filtering, sorting, and grouping gives you the freedom to arrange your work just the way you like. Airtable offers multiple views including Grid, Gallery, Calendar, Kanban, and more.

Each view has its own unique use case, and with some tinkering and visual preferences, you’ll be able to create your own designated views that suit your likings. For example, the gallery view is great for recipes while a grid view is more suitable for record-keeping!

Via Airtable 


Now that you’ve set up your base and views, you’re probably figuring out how to add your Google Calendar Events or Slack Notifications; well Airtable has you covered. With over 20 integrations, you can directly plug in your important information and call it a day. 

Via Airtable

The Last Base

Now that you have all the basic configuration completed, how do you remain organized with Airtable? It’s important to remember why you started using Airtable, and for what. Don’t be lazy, and go in your to-do list base to then start adding views for recipes, create a new base and remain on top of your organizational skills!