BackStarting An LLC: A Worthy Investment

Starting An LLC: A Worthy Investment

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Starting an LLC sounds hard but Pangean and owner of Major Tom Communications LLC, Jacqueline Luberto, has all the dirt!

I never meant to start an LLC. In fact, I thought only fratty business bros could create LLCs. LLC stands for “limited liability company” and it’s not as exclusive as it sounds. Anyone can make one, and I believe it is completely worth the $100 investment. I made my LLC on a whim and the hardest part was thinking of a name for it. All I had to do was find my state’s LLC hub, for Florida it was, and fill out the forms. Once they were completed, I asked for a certified copy and within a day or so, Major Tom Communications LLC was up and running. 

Now the set up being easy is great and all but I bet you’re wondering: what was the point of starting an LLC? 

Well, it’s in the name. When you make an LLC, you are less liable, or responsible, for any losses that may appear in your freelancing journey, tax breaks, and LLCs even offer legal protection. Your LLC will act as your bodyguard for these things and more, protecting any of your personal assets (money from summer jobs, tuition reimbursement, that Christmas check from Grandma, etc.) from any harm. 

Creating Major Tom Communications LLC in August was a great way to jumpstart my career from a disgruntled, unemployed 2020 grad to a full-time marketing director. Major Tom Communications is still up and running despite being a full-time employee at ThingLogix, Inc because it is my way of managing my other Pangea projects. In my case, my LLC separates my Pangea earnings from my yearly salary with ThingLogix so when tax time comes, I will be offered some slack on my Pangea profits.

If you are on the fence about starting an LLC, I recommend you go for it. It is an investment that pays itself and may be one of the most important one-time purchases you will ever make. Soon, all your friends are going to rush to you and say:

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