6 Things That Can Separate You From Employment
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6 Things That Can Separate You From Employment

An employer's point of view
Table of Contents


Be Responsive. If you post your profile on Pangea, check for messages and updates regularly.
Having a profile on any platform is no different than giving out your phone, email, etc. If you are not going to monitor and check just as regularly as your text messages, find something else for entertainment. Employment is serious business.


Never, ever bring your personal problems to work. Flat tire? Argument with Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Roommate? Dog/Cat/Fish died? Speeding ticket?
Leave it at home, or at least let it go on way to work, then leave it in the parking lot. Bringing in outside issues makes you a distraction, and distractions are quickly put out on the curb. Essentially, do not try and make your problems, our problems.


Become a really, really good listener. My mother used to tell us all growing up " . . . the brain cannot receive, while the mouth is transmitting."
She was so right. We all become better listeners when we stop talking.


If you screw up, forget something, etc. Own it. Do not go the “Dog ate my Gmail/Wifi/“Fill in the Blank” route.
We have heard them all, believe none, and in the end, you are embarrassing yourself if you think you were able to sell it.


What is our pain? Do not start by asking about your hours, salary, etc.
Sometimes even asking “what is my job” misses the point. The people writing the checks are in need of support. Find out what their pain is.
Become an aspirin.


Do not assume we do not know what we are doing. I have seen many assistants waltz into our world thinking they were there to teach us all about Social, email marketing, etc.
In many instances we have more experience than you, it is simply a bandwidth issue on our end.
See # 2 again, become a really good listener. You may even learn something from us.