4 Insights All Freelance Social Media Managers Should Be Tracking
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4 Insights All Freelance Social Media Managers Should Be Tracking

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Key social media details freelancers should focus on to set themselves apart from amateurs.

As a freelancer on Pangea.app, it’s important to know how you can add value to a company. And when it comes to social media marketing in particular, you need to show how your skills set you apart from recreational social media users.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to offer social media performance analysis. If you can develop an empirically-supported social media strategy to your client, your services become far more valuable. Here’s my overview of important insights to track, and how they connect to your company’s marketing goals:

Impressions (No, not first impressions!)

Impressions is a measure of the number of times your content is displayed. This metric is the best indicator of how well you’re optimizing your content for each social media platform. If your social media marketing goal is to increase brand awareness, closely monitor your impressions. The more impressions you receive, the better you are at creating content that is reaching the right people on the right platform.

Engagement rate

Engagement rate is the percent of your audience that is actually interacting with your content. While there are many ways to calculate engagement rate, they all tell the same story: how well are you creating content that matters to your target audience. Customers who engage with your content are also more likely to purchase your company’s product or service, so keep an eye on the content that generates the most interest.

Website Clicks

Website clicks is a straightforward concept, and you can track it through social media or through google analytics. If your company wants the audience to take actions on posts and actually visit your website, this data point is crucial to track. If you want to increase website clicks, create powerful calls to action, inspire curiosity, and always remember to include the link to your site in your posts.


We’ve all heard the term “followers,” but what does having a large following imply?

Your followers are people who are interested enough in your company to commit to seeing your posts on a regular basis - and they are the most likely to actually purchase your product or service. Increasing followers on LinkedIn and Facebook can be a challenge since you can’t follow people with professional pages, but increasing your impressions can have a positive impact on your following as well.

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