Camille Boiteux from Cal Poly
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Camille Boiteux from Cal Poly

Freelancing is for everyone, you've just got to believe it! Here's some advice from one of's top freelancers.
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Meet Camille Boiteux, she is a second-year student at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, with a major in Business Administration.

Why do you freelance?

I freelance because it's a great and easy way to make money while being able to learn applicable skills to the future! Working on part time projects with various companies is super fun, and a great way to learn!

How has freelancing shaped your professional career?

Freelancing has prepared me with skills that teach me how to market myself, how to sell my skills and also to complete projects within a given time frame. The opportunities that I have gotten through have boosted my resume largely. In fact, I wouldn't have gotten my most recent job without the one I got previously.

What has freelancing allowed you to do that you maybe wouldn't be able to do with a traditional job?

Freelancing has allowed me to be able to work anywhere I want! I absolutely love to travel and work in coffee shops, so it's allowed me to be be able to work anywhere. I've worked at a camp site, on the beach and in Hilton Head Island.

Why did you decide to sign up with

I decided to sign up because I saw a girl's post on LinkedIn, and I signed up due to her experience, and I ended up loving it so much.

What is a project you're currently working on right now that you're excited about?

A project I'm currently working on right now is a Business Development Project for a Saas company called Xkit in San Francisco, I've been working on an outreach project since March and I love my job.

What is something you wish you knew before you started freelancing?

I wish I knew about it earlier, and I never knew students could freelance!

What advice do you have for someone who is on the fence about freelancing?

I would say don't be scared, totally go for it! It may be scary that you're putting yourself out there, but it's so important as a college student to learn skills that apply to real life, and regardless of what major, there are so many jobs out there.