Pangea Pro Spotlight: Michelle Abiodun & Wiggl Health
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Pangea Pro Spotlight: Michelle Abiodun & Wiggl Health

Pangea Pro was launched earlier this year with the goal of curating a pool of top freelance talent and easily connecting them with innovative, mission driven companies for work.
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We strive to source clients and companies that have available work opportunities where freelancers can make an impact and be passionate about what they’re working on. 

When it comes to software engineering, web development, and all things tech, it doesn’t get more Pro than Michelle Abiodun. Proficient in frontend development, Michelle has interned for CRM giant, Salesforce, to learn the ropes. Michelle is now using her skill sets and experience to help take health and fitness start up, Wiggl product to the next level.

Back in March of 2022, startup Wiggl turned to Pangea for an engineer who could help build out their digital platform. Wiggl makes health and wellness more accessible to those working in hybrid and remote working spaces. Helping at-home workers with posture, movement, pain relief, and self care. This is a flat out awesome service many of us need.

After careful consideration, Wiggle went with Michelle, sparking a long lasting relationship that is still paying off until this day. One of our most decorated Pangeans with over 60 badges earned from Pangea clients for her awesome work, Michelle played an impactful role in developing the Wiggl many know and love today.

Whether you’re in need of a website refresh or a top-to-bottom build, Michelle Abiodun has delivered time and time again. You can check out her Pangea Profile here. Michelle and many like them are on and ready to get to work today!

If you need a boost to your self-care or a reminder to sit up straight, you have to check out Wiggl. Scan the QR code below for 5 quick stretch breaks you can do from anywhere!