Pangea Pro Spotlight: Grace Lemire & Sparrow
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Pangea Pro Spotlight: Grace Lemire & Sparrow

When it comes to professionalism, work ethic, and downright awesomeness, Grace Lemire sets the bar for freelancers everywhere.
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Grace Lemire sets the standard for freelance writers everywhere

A writer who is passionate about personal finance and entrepreneurship, Grace is Pangea’s all-time highest earner and has helped countless clients with their content and marketing needs. 

In 2021, Sparrow, a seed stage startup specializing in student loan infrastructure, turned to Pangea for content writers. Referring them to Grace was an absolute no-brainer. A company whose needs align directly with her interests and skill set, Sparrow and Grace have built a long lasting relationship that is ongoing til this day. 

Pros like Grace aren’t simply guns for hire. They are driven, passionate, self-starting individuals who want to make a positive impact on your business. According to Sparrow COO Daniel Kahn, Grace “thinks and acts like an owner,” and is “always considering what’s best for the company.”

Contributing longform, SEO-packed content to Sparrow’s blog, Grace’s impact cannot be understated. Simultaneously educating and engaging their current audience while driving search traffic to their website, Pro writers like Grace are an invaluable asset in this digital age. 

If you’re looking to pack a punch with your blog, web copy, social media content, and more, Grace and other Pros like her are waiting in the wings, ready to work for you.

If you need a hand scoping out your next marketing project and finding the right pro for you, book a call with our talent matching specialist and they can hook you up.  Ready to dive right in? Sign up for for free today and start exploring freelancers profiles.