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Two RI startups partnering to put RI back to work
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According to the Boston Globe, US job opening have soared to their highest level ever.

But it seems that people aren’t applying fast enough. We all saw this week how the most recent job report missed it’s mark (big time).

Why are we having so much trouble bridging this gap?

When I first met Pat Brown (Founder @ other's), he and I immediately clicked.  

The ecosystem for startups in Rhode Island is growing but still rather nascent.  As the smallest state, everyone pretty much knows everyone; especially within the startup community.  We all have each other's cell numbers.

Pat and I both had our passions; mine was film and his was surfing.  We spent countless hours hanging out at Second Beach in Newport as we talked about, life, startups, and whatever we were excited about that day.  I’m pretty sure Pat (like I) has some form of ADD and our conversations bounce around in exciting ways. 

But one thing we kept coming back to was the importance of helping others find their passions and how our generation can find meaning in their work; actual purpose. Just as we had. 

So many of our peers have gotten stuck doing things they didn’t actually want to do and were lost because of it. 

We were both building startups to try and solve this (although in 2 different ways: Surv via odd jobs and via freelancing)

We were both building startups in a community we cared deeply about, and over the years have grown in tandem. 

In fact, Surv was our first customer back in 2019. 

Coming out of this pandemic (55% of Rhode Island has now received the first vaccine for COVID and we are finally on a path to reopening), it’s important that we help bridge the divide between opportunities and those looking for their purpose.

Today we’re excited to partner with Surv to help them fill 50 roles in Rhode Island for young adults looking for well-paying summer jobs serving their neighbors.

Surv helps connect locals with their neighbors to complete odd jobs.  But more than that, they help give people purpose and build strong relationships amongst community members. 

If you are interested in doing work that supports the community and making some great money in the process, please fill this out and we’ll be in touch!