Our 2021 Resolutions
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2021 is a time for transparency. A time to move fast. And a time to empower others.
Table of Contents

New Year New Goals 

Congratulations, we’ve made it to 2021!  We can collectively agree 2020 was a challenging year, causing all of us to adapt and find ways to stay afloat. Despite ten months of quarantine and day-to-day stresses, Pangea.app fought hard to make some great progress.  

What We’ve Done 

  • Banned unpaid internships to promote more equal access to economic opportunity
  • Introduced our first education programs to help empower students with the real world knowledge that need to land jobs
  • Grew from 50 campuses to more than 700
  • Helped students earn $230k in the midst of a pandemic
  • Grew our team from 3 to 20
  • Launched a lot of new features (including our first web app!)

We have a lot on tap this next year, but I’d like to center our plans around a few core resolutions that will make our community stronger.  Building around these values will make us better as an organization and give us a framework to make decisions.

In a few weeks time we’ll be rolling out a massive update to Pangea.app.  This update is going to align with these resolutions.

Our Resolutions

  1. Transparency
  2. Speed
  3. Empowerment


  • Profiles are getting a massive overhaul and we’ll be introducing a new review system.
  • We’ll be adding in UI for students so they can see the status of their application.  Students will know if their application has been received, read, passed on, or advanced in the process.

Our fee structure will be clearly articulated throughout the UI and at various parts in the experience.  

  • Our fee structure for all NEW contracts will be moving to a 5-20 split (Companies will pay a 5% fee on top of the invoice amount, and Pangeans will keep 80% of the invoice amount). 
  • If you have an existing contract in place, the fee structure won’t change (e.g. if the company is current paying 15% and the student keeps 90% all invoices/direct payments for that engagement will stay at that fee structure)

This is aligned with other freelance marketplaces, and will allow us to source more paid opportunities for students.  If you are a student, you’ll be able to factor this into your proposals automatically so you know what you’d net at any given rate and can price your proposal accordingly :) We’ll also be introducing a tiered rewards system where the more you earn, the more you keep!!


  • The entire UI and UX will become much more streamlined, with our goal to reduce time-to-hire by 80% from current baseline. 
  • We’ll be removing the requirement to include a cover letter when you apply, making applying to jobs faster. 
  • We’ve re-engineered the entire platform to improve runtimes and optimize data transfer so that the web and mobile app is snappier and more reliable.
  • We’re turning on growth levers to quickly grow both sides of the platform with high quality members. 


  • We’re launching Pangea.app Academy, a free platform to help Pangeans gain knowledge and experience without a job. 
  • We’ll be introducing new ways for us to partner with diverse organizations to elevate historically marginalized populations to gain access to economic opportunity. 
  • We’ll be expanding our account management functionality so that users can take more control of their accounts.
  • We are going to put in place a minimum hourly rate on the platform to ensure students are earning livable wages. 

Pangea.app will be working towards these three goals, and others, throughout 2021. We're excited to be on this journey with you, and are committed to being transparent, moving fast, and empowering others.