New product updates for August 16th
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New product updates for August 16th

It’s been a hot coding summer here at Pangea! We’re proud to announce some new features we’ve rolled out over the past few weeks, some which you may have noticed already.
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Let talent come to you

After an intensive Beta period, we released a new core experience for the talent on Pangea: the Company discover feed. Now users can send up to 5 pitches a week, which end up in clients’ inboxes every Friday. 

Talent can also upgrade their accounts to our new Cosmic subscription, which lets them send an unlimited number of normal pitches while also unlocking another new feature: Personalized Emails! These are generated with AI based on a few questions answered by the user, and sent from a linked Gmail account directly to the client they want to work with.

Talent on display

We’ve seen some great talent come through Pangea recently (if you don’t believe us, just check the feed!). To give every Pangean a dose of inspiration for filling out & updating their profiles, we decided to make our talent feed accessible to everyone.

AI takes on Job Descriptions

Pangea AI can now save you even more time. The next time you post a job, the only thing you need to bring to the table is a title. Using the information in your company’s profile, we’re able to generate just about every part of a job post, and we’ll walk you through the last few details.

Hire directly from a profile

You asked, and we made it happen. Now you can send a Pangean a contract directly from their profile! You’re now one click away from growing your team on your terms.

However, with such great power does come some responsibility. We recommend messaging through an inquiry before sending an offer. But if you’ve worked with someone in the past and need to ramp up your productivity quickly, the button is there for you.

Squashing bugs like crazy

Somehow we found some time to focus on the nitty gritty parts of our hiring machine. You should start to see some performance improvements across the platform, from snappier loading times to swifter notifications. As always, if you see something that doesn’t quite work right, please let us know!