Meet's Dev & Design Interns
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Meet's Dev & Design Interns

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Meet’s newest team members. We’ve taken on a total of seven development and design interns from universities across the country to help us continue improving our user experience for you! Co-founders Adam Alpert and John Tambunting went above and beyond this summer, setting up most of our in-person interns in the Pangea Intern house to give them a summer they’ll never forget.

Let’s meet the team.

Yingxi (Ali) Long

School & Major: Cognitive Science Design & Interaction major at University Of California San Diego '21

Birthday and Zodiac: August 9th (Leo)

Favorite Food: Anything Chocolate

An Album On Repeat: Blinding Lights By the Weeknd

Fun Fact: I’m somewhat ambidextrous since I write with my right hand and eat with my left.

How I heard about this opportunity? Through LinkedIn and on

Most exciting part of the gig? Working with and learning from amazing teams to get new features shipped.

Nikil Thalanki

School & Major: EECS and Business at UC Berkeley ‘24

Birthday and Zodiac: February 14th (Aquarius)

Favorite Food: Pizza

An Album On Repeat: Taylor Swift (Fearless)

Fun Fact: I have lived in California my whole life!

How I heard about this opportunity? Through Berkeley's connection to Y-Combinator and being a Y-Combinator company.

Most exciting part of the gig? I'm excited to work as a part of a developer team and tackle issues that come along the way.

Abby Lang

School & Major: Computer Science and Sociology at Boston College ’22

Birthday and Zodiac: April 26 (Taurus)

Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken Wraps

An Album On Repeat: Sour - Olivia Rodrigo

Fun Fact: Before starting at Pangea, I went on a three-week cross country road trip in a minivan with 6 of my friends.

How I heard about this opportunity? My school's Facebook group.

Most exciting part of the gig? Write code that will actually be used by clients.

Eric Chen

School & Major: Computer Science & Business at University of Pennsylvania ‘24

Birthday and Zodiac: April 12th (Aries)

Favorite Food: Fried Rice

An Album On Repeat: Dreamland by Glass Animals

Fun Fact: I'm a loyal Tottenham Hotspurs fan even though they never win trophies.

How I heard about this opportunity? I was looking at new firms in the remote work economy and I thought it was really disruptive. Later, when I was searching for an internship, Pangea stood out to me because of its vision and growth, so I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Most exciting part of the gig? I'm excited to be working at a start up where the software I develop will actually be pushed to production and have a tangible impact on users.

Will Chen

School & Major: Computer Science & Economics at Brown University ’23

Birthday and Zodiac: November 20th (Scorpio)

Favorite Food: Either sushi or wings

An Album On Repeat: Regent's Park - Bruno Major

Fun Fact: Can name any soundtrack (except for the newer games) from the Pokemon series after only hearing only a few seconds.

How I heard about this opportunity? I was recommended to Pangea by a friend while looking for an internship and applied on their website!

Most exciting part of the gig? I'm excited to work with a great team to build production level code and see how code is professionally maintained and deployed. I'm also eager to learn new frameworks and industry practices.

Tom Zhang

School & Major: Computer Science at Columbia University ’24

Birthday and Zodiac: October 19th (Libra)

Favorite Food: Chopped cheese from any NYC deli

An Album On Repeat: Olivia Rodrigo's "SOUR"

Fun Fact: I've been to more than 30 states, but only 3 countries outside of the U.S.

How I heard about this opportunity? While working at an early-stage VC fund earlier this year, I came across while going through our deal-flow.

Most exciting part of the gig? I'm really excited to have the opportunity to have a real impact on the final product. It's rare to find an opportunity where as an intern, I can actually build core features and push code into production all the time. I hope I'll be able to positively contribute towards our product while also learning a lot along the way!

Janice Khang

School & Major: Graphic Design at Rhode Island School Of Design ’22

Birthday and Zodiac: November 10th (Libra)

Favorite Food: Any seafood dish

An Album On Repeat: Lil Cherry's entire discography has became my ultimate work playlist. But when I'm not working, Tommy's Party by Pitch Pit!

Fun Fact: I still can't swim after 3 years of after school practices.

How I heard about this opportunity? Lots of RISD/Brown conferences

Most exciting part of the gig? Amazing team and amazing people!

Aren't they amazing?

Co-Founder John Tambunting is going to work closely with's interns and he certainly thinks so! 

"I'm excited to work with the new dev intern class in person! There's a lot more you can teach (and learn) when you pair programming with someone in person. I've already learned a couple new keyboard shortcuts by watching one of the new developers code!

We had a great intern class last summer that ended up sticking with us throughout the school year. So by the time they graduated from Pangea, they were all-stars. I'm hoping the new team can get to the same velocity that we had back then (and hopefully surpass it!). We've been focusing a lot on iterating our process which is a big focus this summer. We also have some plans to migrate our infrastructure from Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services."