Trends We Are Falling For this Fall
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Trends We Are Falling For this Fall

Staying on top of trends can be hard as a marketer even when you're not taking a full course of classes. So we've picked out a few we like for the coming season, perfect for any college marketing freelancer!
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Marketing is interesting for one reason, it changes like that *snaps finger*. Like our adored superhero of speed, Flash, it is here one day and there the other day. The last quarter of the year is usually the busiest, there is about to be a flood of advertisements, campaigns, sponsored posts etc. It is imperative to keep up with the trends and understand what will and will not work in this season. Here are three things to consider.

More Videos

There is a lot of focus on content lately, however videos take the cake. High video consumption is the order of the day. Invideo has statistics to prove that consumption has increased over the last few years especially with the pandemic, with videos garnering the attention of viewers more than text and images. There will be less typing and more visuals to communicate. The key is to make the videos look regular content so that it doesn’t seem like a marketing tactic.

Use Micro-influencers

Speaking of regular content, micro-influencers  provide authenticity. They are known to show high engagement rates with their audiences, and are much more affordable than regular influencers. 

Micro influencing took off on Instagram due to the visual nature of the platform, which makes it effective given the rise in video consumption. Use micro-influencers to target niche audiences and provide a personal touch to inspire loyalty in clients.

The Customer = Promoter

How many times haven’t you bought something based on a recommendation from a friend/family member? With all the available technology, word of mouth is still at the top of strategies. 

Customers can be marketing agents and be at the forefront of the business by applying Inbound Marketing which will get customers hooked because of the relevant content that caters to their needs. The flywheel  allows you to focus on giving the best customer experience and breed loyalty culture leading to referrals.

To sum up, prioritize video content, use micro influencers to reach your targeted audience and turn your customers into promoters. Apply these in your strategies, and you are sure to come out on the winning side.