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How To Get An Awesome Job Now on

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Inside tips on how to find the projects of your dreams on

Pick A Good Profile Picture

Your profile is the first thing employers see when they get a proposal from you. If we’re getting to the nitty-gritty, they actually see your profile picture before anything else. So pick a profile pic that reflects the confident, wonderful college professional you are.

Beef Up Your Profile

You should treat your profile like it’s an extension of your resume. is a condensed version of the job search process, so don’t overwhelm employers with your whole resume. Companies are using because they want to find quality candidates without looking through extensive resumes. Instead, consider the most important work you’ve done throughout high school and college and break it down into bite sized chunks.

Send (Multiple) Proposals

If you’re interested in a position and want to gain experience, make a proposal! You should apply to as many positions as possible that you think you may be able to fit into your schedule. The great thing about the listings on everything is remote, so you don’t need to consider a commute into your time commitment.  

Craft Your Proposal

Your proposal should not, I repeat NOT, be as long as a Cover Letter. Remember, employers are looking for freelance workers on because it’s a condensed version of hiring an applicant – we want to make it easy! So, make it easy on yourself and write an introduction to an employer. Make sure to leverage what skills you already have and how you plan on helping the company move forward.

Follow Up does the best it can on our end to make sure employers are looking at your proposals, but sometimes companies are busier than we anticipate. So, don’t be afraid to send employers a nudge and ask them what the status of your proposal is. What’s better? Some companies like when students take initiative and appreciate the follow up.

Do Good Work

The key to getting more jobs on is doing quality work. Communicate with employers if you have questions or feel like a deadline may be too tight. Most importantly, make sure the finished product is something you’re proud of and something that will put a smile on your boss’s face. 

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