Congratulations to the Winter 2022 Class of Emerging Talent
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Congratulations to the Winter 2022 Class of Emerging Talent

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Congratulations to all of the graduates of the Winter '22 class
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Over the past two years, students across the world have experienced academia in a way unlike any of their alumni peers. Social distancing, lockdowns, and remote learning continue to have unprecedented impacts on the ability for many to join the labor force. During our Winter 2022 Class of Emerging Talent, 89 students came together to overcome this gap. 

With their eyes set on freelancing, each Pangean honed skills that will stay with them throughout their career, from building relationships with clients to weaving their own webs of networks. They’ve studied best practices for approaching and securing freelance positions, ones that will serve them well as they start—or continue—their journeys as members of the gig economy. As design, marketing, engineering, and writing professionals, they now have the knowledge to leverage their own talent and experience to build the careers of their dreams—all without needing to commit to a traditional full-time job.

We’ve found that the top level of college talent can come from everywhere; this batch included students from 63 different campuses, hailing from over a dozen different countries. Despite differences in geography, our entire class agrees on one thing: that the ingenuity and ability of the world’s young minds can overcome any obstacle and complete any task put in front of them. 

As the fifth batch to graduate, these Pangeans are joining an alumni community of well over a thousand of their peers. They’ll be continuing a tradition of providing the highest quality of service found on; in the past, we’ve seen Emerging Talent graduates go on to out-perform and out-earn other students by a considerate margin. 

By attending all four workshops, the Class of Winter 2022 have earned more than just their Emerging Talent badges. They’ve also earned confidence in their expertise as freelancers, ready to take on the world one project at a time.

From everyone at, we’d like to congratulate this new class; we truly can’t wait to see what they accomplish.

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