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Balancing 24 Hours In A Day

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Since I was 12 years old (I’m now 22) I have worked a plethora of jobs, including babysitting, dogsitting, lifeguarding at numerous facilities, and most recently Sales Associate at Club Pilates, among many other things. If I listed all of the jobs I’ve worked (20+), I’d give you a headache, so let’s get to the good stuff!

You might be wondering how one person has done 20+ jobs at 21 and to be honest, sometimes I wonder how I do it. During the school year I work an average of three part time jobs and over the summer I’ve worked as many as six part time jobs. It sounds absolutely insane, but let me tell you how I manage that: spending time with friends and family and taking time off to prevent burnout. This pattern started my senior year of high school and after graduating college a semester early, I’ve learned a lot. 

My top three recommendations when it comes to time management are: 

1.  Keep a clear schedule

I am a firm believer in keeping a calendar. Personally, I prefer a physical planner, but your phone /iPad / whatever device totally works too! Without writing things down, I know I will either forget something, or drive myself crazy by trying to remember everything I have going on. 

By keeping a schedule it is THAT much easier to become more productive and organized because you can literally see what time you have booked and what time you have free. When I see I have a three hour break between class and work, I know I can use that time to chill, take a nap, watch TV, or get anything I need to do, done.

2. To-Do lists are your friend

I LOVE writing a to do list and checking things off as I go. I switch between my laptop, phone and handwritten to do lists depending on the type of list, but anything works! Let’s say I have 10 things to do one day. If I don’t write a to do list, it is VERY likely that I will forget to do at least two of those things, which can create bad habits. By keeping lists, categorically organized, I don’t feel as overwhelmed by the little things adulting consists of. 

3. Variety in your schedule

When it comes to food, I can’t stand eating the same things for every meal. Why should your life be like eating the same bland oatmeal every day?! By having a plethora of diverse responsibilities and activities, you are keeping your day to day unique and interesting, which will keep you inspired! 

One thing I have always loved doing is having a few part time jobs at once, so that I don’t get bored with doing the same thing all the time. This way, not only do I have numerous sources of income, but I’m keeping myself busy in a positive and entertaining way. 
Another way I change my day to day is by using The Pangea App, which has endless opportunities for freelance work, both short and long term. Best of all, it is totally COVID friendly with completely remote opportunities! With life changing so much recently and the future being more so of an unknown, I think it is incredibly important to have numerous streams of income. If you have any talent or side interest, you will thrive with Pangea! I took an hour of free time I had to write this article through The Pangea App and I guarantee that you’ll find the perfect job for you too!

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