Anthony Whitaker from Old Dominion University
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Anthony Whitaker from Old Dominion University

Table of Contents

Some moves change the course of your life, even if you weren’t exactly sure where you were going in the first place. That’s kind of what happened with Anthony Whitaker. He’s a senior at Old Dominion University in Virginia and has built a network in college to not only get his on campus jobs but help him build the skills to become his own entrepreneur. And it all started with one organization “Brother to Brother.”

Key Takeaways 

[2:15] Making Connections to get to the top 

Reaching out  - you can make connections with whoever you want, you just need to reach out 

[7:00]    Sometimes pressure leads to success 

All it takes is your mom asking when you’re going to get a job. 

[8:30] Starting a clothing brand with purpose 

How the death of George Floyd inspired Anthony’s message of Unity. 

[12:00]   Where fits into life  

Jumping into the digital realm. 

[16:00] Being a first generation college student 

You don’t really need college, but you should probably go for the lessons it teaches you outside the classroom.