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Here for products that promote social connectivity, financial and educational accessibility, globalization, and commerce
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology •
Digital Business
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10-20 hrs/week
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Market Research,Business Operations,Growth Marketing Strategy,Data Analysis

Hi! I'm J! I'm an aspiring product manager with a background in and passion for digital business strategy, user research, and product marketing. I'm extremely passionate about products that promote social connectivity, financial and educational accessibility, globalization, and commerce. Long term, I want to build products that increase the quality of life for marginalized communities and have a more positive impact on society. To me, that starts with improving how various communities connect with one another, express themselves and their values, and the results and innovations that arise from those connections. I shamelessly bring a more dynamic and unique perspective when developing strategic and technical solutions to human problems of disparity, and my appreciation for innovation is only matched by my passion for tackling modern-day challenges with creative, data-informed, and forward-thinking solutions. I’ve taken technology-centric courses in management, marketing, product strategy, law, and leadership. I am adept at presenting data in a meticulous yet engaging way and can communicate complex technical concepts to various stakeholders due to my STEM background. I’ve also managed and collaborated in cross-functional research teams with individuals of all backgrounds to generate actionable strategic recommendations. I’m interested in using my demonstrated experience in user-facing research, technology and innovation marketing, and stakeholder management and relations to consult early stage companies in the social consumer space.

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