While Pangea isn’t a social media network, it’s still a way to connect people from across the globe. A large part of building great client-freelancer relationships is by bringing a human aspect from the beginning, and one way to do that is by filling our your profile. If you don’t have time now, you can always come back to it later.

Add your Title

It’s important that Pangeans know what you do at work. Typical titles range from President, CEO, or VP to Managers and Associates. We recommend that you put whatever you would include on your LinkedIn or Resume. If you hold multiple positions within your organization, put whichever one is most relevant to the role you’re hiring for.

Upload a Profile Picture

If you didn’t sign up with Google, your next step is to add a profile picture. We recommend uploading a square picture of yourself of at least 240x240 pixels — the higher resolution, the better. Typically, users with profile pictures are more likely to receive quality applications, so we highly recommend adding a profile picture to your account.

Write your Headline

Every profile, both client and freelancer, has a space for a headline. This is a 120 character opportunity to introduce Pangeans to what you’re all about. If you’re unsure what to put, it’s ok to grab the headline from your LinkedIn profile.

Write your About Me

Need more room to introduce yourself? Take as much space–or as little–as you’d like. The same as with your headline, if you’d prefer to reuse a bio from LinkedIn or another site, be our guest. This section is also A-OK to skip for now, as you can always come back to it.

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