Transparency into your company is important to students on, and we won’t show your job post to anyone until this information is filled out. Most Pangeans will view your personal and company profiles before applying, so taking the time to populate your profile sections will go a long way. However, you can skip this process for now by clicking “Complete Later” in the upper right corner.

If you have any questions, the Pangea team is more than happy to help you set up your company’s and personal profile. Just shoot us an email at if you’d like assistance.

Company Name

This should be what you normally refer to your business as. There’s no need to include any abbreviations in this field. If we think your company is already on, we’ll ask you to join that existing company’s page; if it’s just a similarly-named business, you can still create a new account without any issues by clicking “Create Your Company Profile” below.

Company Information

Here’s where we ask you about your company’s address, number of employees, and a brief description of your business. For the address, just the city or state you’re based in will suffice. If your business is fully remote, it’s fine to put the state the company is incorporated in. For the number of employees, pick the range that includes the number of people employed full-time by the business. And for the description, tell Pangeans what your company does; we recommend that you copy and paste this from another site, like a BBB listing or LinkedIn profile. You can always change this later in your profile settings.

Company Logo

We ask for your logo to properly communicate your company’s brand on our platform. We’ve found that Pangeans vastly prefer companies with visually-appealing and professional logos on their posts, and are more likely to apply to job listings with a profile picture and company logo. If you submit a job for approval with no logo, we can still approve the post, but a place holder logo will display on your company profile. If you can’t find the file right away, it’s fine to skip this step and come back later; if you don’t have one yet (or it could use an update) you’ve come to the perfect place to find a graphic designer to make you a new logo.

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