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Hire the best students from University of Connecticut

Hire the best students from the University of Connecticut


Students on Pangea
Students on Pangea
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Pangea.app is not affiliated with University of Connecticut.

As the largest network of college freelancers, Pangea makes it easy to discover and hire emerging talent from the University of Connecticut. Whether you’re looking to transform your company’s social media presence, commission content through our network of designers, artists, and writers, or just need an extra set of hands, having access to UCONN freelancers could be a great resource for you and your team. Many Pangeans have even gone on to fill full-time, entry level positions at the companies they once freelanced for. If there’s one thing you and your business have in common with our network of freelancers, it’s that the sky's the limit. Join Pangea for free today and tap into the world of college talent!

Pangea.app is not affiliated with the University of Connecticut.

Top Students from the University of Connecticut

Jared P.
Emerging Talent
Top Earner
Graphic Design
Morgan R.
Emerging Talent
Top Earner
Digital Media & Design
Ramona R.
Emerging Talent
Top Earner
Allied Health Sciences

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Pangea instead of Handshake for UCONN?

Handshake requires each of the 700+ campuses on their platform to approve your business before any of their students will see your job post. Here at Pangea, we go directly to the students, so when we say, “you’ll have access to college freelancers from over 1,500 different campuses,” we mean it!

How do I find University of Connecticut students on Pangea?

Once you've created an account, you'll be able to search for students from any of the 1000+ campuses on Pangea.app. Simply type "University of Connecticut" in the search bar at the top of your screen to view recently active students from UCONN. You can then invite a limited amount of students to apply to your job.

How long does it take to hire on Pangea?

While it may take a day or two to find the fit for you, many businesses have made hires within hours of posting on Pangea. We work closely with our freelancers to bridge the gap and connect them with any opportunities we believe they would excel in.

How much does Pangea cost?

There is zero upfront cost or commitment to join Pangea, make posts, browse student profiles, or interact with potential candidates. We even handle all the 1099’s so you don’t have to. The only cost involved is what you’re paying your freelancer, plus a 5% processing fee on each transaction.

What do students do to get on Pangea?

In order for students to join Pangea, they must be attending a university located in the United States or Canada and have a valid .edu or .ca email address. Students are also required to set up a Stripe payment account using their SSN (or SIN in Canada) before they can begin working with a client.

How does Pangea vet talent?

Aside from confirming our Pangeans are attending or recently graduated from a United States or Canadian based university, we vet freelancers through Pangea’s Top Emerging Talent Program. The first accelerator helping students and grads launch independent careers, TET is designed to aid highly motivated students in building momentum towards the careers of their dreams.

Can I use Pangea for other colleges in Connecticut?

Absolutely! Pangea gives you access to students and recent grads from 1,500+ campuses, so you are not limited to your geographical location by any means. Whether you want to connect with someone from your alma-mater or scope out writers from schools like Columbia and Cornell, Pangea is a valuable resource for any business in need of talent.

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