Guide to Hiring Social Media Marketing College Freelancers

11 Minute Read • Updated 12.14.2021
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Posting a Social Media Marketing Job

Searching for Jobs

Why do you need a Social Media Marketer?

Using social media in our everyday lives has led us all to believe we’re experts at it, but properly harnessing these platforms for your business is not as simple as it seems. Social Media Marketers develop strategic, multimedia content plans targeted towards your unique audience, creating a community for your current customers while simultaneously attracting new ones.

The importance of Social Media for business these days cannot be understated. Engaging your current customers will keep them coming back for more, and with the ability to reach any demographic from anywhere in the world, the possibilities to attract new business are truly endless. A small investment in a Social Media Marketer now stands to boost your online presence and create brand awareness on social media for years to come.

Pricing a Social Media Marketing Job

Here at, all prices are negotiable between you and the freelancers. You have the flexibility of paying by the hour (most common), per/deliverable (ex: $50 per/blog), or on a fixed basis (flat rate paid out in increments over time). When determining what to pay your freelancer, consider the scope of work. For example, Social Media Marketer roles typically go for $15-$30 per/hour, while Software Engineering and Web Development roles often pay around $25-$50 per/hour.

Posting your Jobs

When posting a job description, it’s important to be clear, concise, and specific. Before you start listing bullet points of responsibilities and qualifications, take a step back and think about how hiring a Social Media Manager will help your business. Honing in on where a freelancer can have the biggest impact will not only help you identify the best candidate, but also sends a clear signal to job seekers.

For all job posts on, you have the option of either building off of a premade post or starting from scratch. If this is your first time hiring on the platform, we recommend selecting the closest match and modifying it from there. The post creator will walk you through setting the time commitment, start date, compensation range, and perks. After writing your description, you’ll also have the option of adding screener questions, which Pangeans are required to answer before submitting their proposal to your job. Once you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s, our team will review your post and share it with the Pangeans we think will be great fits. 

Reviewing Proposals from Social Media Marketers

Sending Proposals

Signs of a Good Proposal

The best proposals on will feature a 5-8 sentence cover letter detailing the candidate’s interest, experience, and abilities. All answers to your screening questions must be well thought out and responded to accordingly, and links to their featured work and portfolios should be made available to you. Upon review, a good proposal should leave you feeling confident this individual would be a good fit for your business, even prior to interviewing them.

Evaluating Social Media Accounts

Any applicant to a social media management role understands that it’s important to show examples of their work. For some freelancers, this might mean posts from other clients, spec classwork, or even a personal account. When evaluating any of these formats, view them through a lens of 3 R’s: is it realistic, is it right, and is it relevant. Posts are realistic if they use the format to the fullest, including all necessary captions and imagery; this is a sign that the freelancer understands the format they’re creating content for. Right posts reflect the brand they promote, in terms of tone of voice, aesthetic, and message; it’s best to look at work for multiple clients, as it will show that they can adapt to different brands without skipping a beat. Relevancy refers to the audience, so look for how well the posts performed in terms of likes and comments; if the posts were for a small business or classwork, think instead of how the target audience would have engaged with the post. 

Interviewing Social Media Marketing Freelancers


What to Ask a Social Media Marketer

When working with a remote freelancer, it is key their communication skills are on point. Beyond asking about their experience, be sure to ask questions that allow them to give detailed answers in their own words. A well-worded question will let you evaluate the candidate's thought process and knowledge of Social Media Marketing, in addition to how much they know about your company.

What's an emerging trend on Social Media that you think will go viral?
This question will show you two things: the student's taste in social media content, and how closely they pay attention to what others are posting. Since you don't want to be the last company to hop on a trend, having a freelancer with the foresight to see what engages well will steer your marketing in the right direction.
Here is a problem I’ve been facing, how would you resolve it?
At the end of the day, you're hiring a freelancer to solve a business problem, and you need to ensure that you'll get a return on your investment. Don't expect a detailed plan, but look for their thought process in solving the problem. A good critical thinker will have an answer that looks beyond the obvious for something that will truly make a difference.
Look at the last post on our account. What would you change to improve engagement?
Unless you want a dramatic shift in your positioning on social media, you'll likely want your Social Media Manager to work on improving your current strategy. Their answer to this question will tell you how they'd work with the tools in front of them to get better results. The more specific the answer the better, since algorithms focus on small details when they make decisions on who sees your posts.
What are your career goals and how to you plan to achieve them?
A freelancer without goals for their future will have trouble planning the future of your accounts, so pay close attention to their dreams. This is also a great place for you to connect with the Pangean, since chance are you've been in a similar place.
How would you describe an ideal follower of our page, and how would you get them to follow?
Knowing the right audience to target is a large part of Social Media Management. Many platforms have billions of users, so focusing in on the subset that best matches your marketing strategy is key to making your account a success. The second half of the question shows how well the Pangean understands behavior on social media, and you should look for an answer that includes specific tactics and long-term ideas.

How to Interview Social Media Marketers

When interviewing a Social Media Marketer, you really need to know two things: Does this candidate have proven experience, and what would they do specifically for my business? Every social media marketing campaign should be unique and tailored towards your target audience, and the right freelancer for you will be able to detail exactly how they would strategically boost your company’s online presence.  

Selecting a Student Social Media Marketer


Understanding What's Right for Your Needs

In order for your Social Media Marketer to be successful, they need to be in tune with your company’s needs. Beyond being social media savvy, you need someone who has the right idea for your brand and can effectively communicate your unique story to your target audience. Digital marketing is not one size fits all. What worked for someone else might not make sense for you, and the right Social Media Marketer will be able to tailor a campaign that’s the right fit for your business.

Onboarding a Social Media Marketer


Setting Expectations for a Freelance Social Media Marketer

When working with a freelancer it is important to set expectations upfront, so all parties are on the same page. When hiring a Pangean, be sure to make clear what is expected of them in terms of deadlines, hours per week, scope of work, and any other information pertinent to the success of the project at hand. Not only will this increase workflow and communication, it will allow you to measure the quality and success of their work.

It's best to think of your social accounts in terms of growth, not raw numbers. If you're starting from scratch, it's very unlikely that you'd gain ten thousand followers in a month. Setting the expectation of steady, month-over-month growth can help create a trusting relationship with your Social Media Manager.

What a Social Media Marketer Needs to Know

  • Brand guidelines, fonts, logos, and other assets

  • Target Audience

  • Company’s mission statement

  • Access to social media accounts

  • Upcoming events to highlight

  • Communication expectations

  • Their role in your company

Continuing the Engagement


Reviewing Performance with College Social Media Marketing Freelancers

Key Performance Indicators, or KPI’s, are metrics that allow you to measure the success and performance of your Social Media Marketer. By tracking KPIs such as followers, likes, comments, shares, and impressions across your social media accounts, you can watch your online presence grow in real time and make sure your Pangean is living up to your expectations. These KPI also allow you to see what works, what doesn’t, and what changes need to be made within your marketing plan. Keep in mind it is unlikely to see overnight, viral success, but every new follower is a new customer who hadn’t heard of your brand before.