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You don’t want to go in blind once you land your first gig through the platform. So I’m here to lay out what you should expect from the companies on

What Employers Expect From You:


Keep it professional. Professionalism doesn’t necessarily fall into one category but there are some things you should keep in mind while working with employers of any sort. Be ethical, honest, respectful, and diligent. And you may be working from the comfort of your own home but make sure you leave any personal problems there too.


Since connects students with remote projects, it’s going to be up to you to keep the lines of communication open. Your employers are busy, which is probably one of the biggest reasons they brought you on to the team. So, don’t be afraid to reach out from the get go.


Being organized doesn’t mean you have everything color coded and a daily calendar –although, it probably doesn’t hurt. When I say organized I mean keep a system that allows you to meet deadlines and make meetings. If your boss gives you a deadline – make sure you stick to it! And if you need to adjust it – then re: communication.


The company is bringing you on because they have confidence in you, so that means you should have confidence in yourself. What do I mean by that? Well, you should be independent enough to make decisions with the guidelines employers have given you.


If you combine all of the expectations listed above then delivering a quality project really shouldn’t be an issue. It goes without saying that companies are looking to launch marketing campaigns, rely on software development, or conduct market research –and you’re going to be a part of it. With that comes responsibility to produce work that you and your employer can be proud and excited to present to the world.

What You Should Expect From Employers:


We know why you’re using Sure, part of it is to gain experience but there’s also the promise of payment. If you encounter any trouble with payment, but sure to report it to so we can take care of the issue with you.


You’ve been brought on to a gig to get stuff done! You should expect deliverables from your employer in order to do that. Deadlines will depend on what you determine through -- you guessed it -- communicating.


That’s part of the deal right? is one of the best ways to beef up your resume while balancing the million other things you have to on a daily basis. Just because you have a few other responsibilities, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect an experience that teaches you a thing or two.


Working from home is awesome, but you need to unplug sometimes and your boss should be able to understand that. This is just the beginning of your professional experiences so be sure to learn your work habits during this time.



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