5 Tips for Setting a Freelancing Schedule
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5 Tips for Setting a Freelancing Schedule

Freelancing is an exciting venture, make the most of it and your time!
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The beauty of freelancing is setting your own schedule, but it can also be your biggest challenge. Here on some tips on working freelancing into your daily schedule.

Wake Up Like You Have Somewhere To Be…

…Like maybe an office? Freelancing is great because you can work on your own time, but I often find setting an alarm and sticking to a schedule has helped me be more productive. I follow a daily routine that allows me to unwind and prepare for my day in the morning before jumping straight into work. The best part? I had more time to myself acting like I had somewhere to be then when I was actually commuting to and from an office.

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Decide How Often You’ll Work… and When

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are your own boss. You can decide when you want to take calls and when you want some quiet time to get the work done. Try out a schedule and see if it works, if it doesn’t – it may be a sign to change it up.

Limit Your Distractions

You’re typically in a comfortable environment, which means you can pick up your phone or turn on Netflix whenever you want. When I pick up my phone, I typically spend 10 minutes going through my Instagram reels before I can even think about getting back to work. I know this about myself, so I typically try not to touch my phone until I get a bulk of my daily tasks done.

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Allow Yourself A Screen Break

It’s easy to get stuck in front of your commuter if your engrossed in a project, but don’t forget to give your eyes a little break. Get up and stretch every so often and make sure you're taking a solid break in the middle of the day to eat a healthy meal or do something for yourself. I know it’s easier said than done, but these breaks can help us regain steam for the latter part of the day.

Hold Yourself Accountable

The only person who knows what’s on your “To-Do” list is you. Of course, your client will know if you didn’t hit a deadline when a deliverable doesn’t hit their desk. You need to ultimately hold yourself accountable and do the tasks you set out to do. If the items on your list don’t get checked off in a timely manner, you just need to work until they do.

Freelancing is one of the most exciting ventures. Just keep these tips in mind when you sign on to your next gig. You’re doing great!

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