Pangea Pro Spotlight: Selin Cuhadaroglu &
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Pangea Pro Spotlight: Selin Cuhadaroglu &

"With Selin, we found the perfect mix. She was communicative, brought her own ideas to the table, and produced high-quality deliverables in what felt like an instant.” -Glenn from
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Exceptional, experienced, formidable, self-starting - these are just a few qualities we look for in our pre-vetted Pangea Pros. Pepperdine grad and consummate content creator, Selin Cuhadaroglu, fits this model to a T. With years of freelancing experience scaling social media presences and working on major media projects, Selin is currently a production assistant at NBC Universal. Her recent work with Pangea client,, has established her as an elite, emerging force in the Pangea Pro network.

A few weeks back, Glenn from seed stage startup turned to Pangea in search of TikTok content creators. is a powerful copywriting software that uses AI to generate full blogs, product descriptions, ad copy, and more with the click of a button. Their target audience meant TikTok could be a powerful acquisition route if done right, and they needed freelance support to execute on this growth initiative. 

“We were looking for someone who was creative, professional, and in tune with current trends,” Glenn said regarding his search for TikTok Talent. “With Selin, we found the perfect mix. She was communicative, brought her own ideas to the table, and produced high-quality deliverables in what felt like an instant.”

For Selin, the feeling was mutual. “I liked the purpose of and think many people can benefit from it,” she said. “It was easy to create content for something I believed in.”

Selin worked alongside to create 5 original pieces of content, each highlighting a different feature of their AI copywriting tool. “I really enjoyed it,” Selin said of this experience. “I was given the opportunity to create what I thought would work best, which allowed me to explore new, creative ideas.”

Speaking of his experience working with Selin, Glenn could not have been more pleased. “Like most companies venturing into a new space, we thought we knew what we wanted. Selin delivered on the specific bits of content we had requested, but also brought so much originality to the table that really opened our eyes to what could be done on TikTok.”

When it comes to TikTok, it still has a bit of a wild west feel. There are ways to tap into the algorithm and go viral, but it can be hit or miss at times. When it came to Selin’s work with, it was a total hit.

“Within a few hours of making Selin’s first post on our TikTok page,” Glenn said, “we received thousands of views. We knew the content she created was top-notch, but this far exceeded our expectations.” and Selin have developed a solid relationship that is still ongoing until this day. These are the exact kind of engagements companies can expect from our Pangea Pros, and vice versa. 

If you’re in the market for freelance help in the areas of digital marketing, design, programming, or elsewhere, Pangea has tons of Selin’s waiting in the wings, ready to get to work.

If you’re a freelancer with serious chops, apply to be a Pangea Pro today. Going Pro comes with its share of perks, including the lowest marketplace fees of any freelancing platform out there. “Your chances of getting hired increase and the freelancer fees decrease,” Selin said, speaking on her favorite Pro perks. 

Whether you’re looking to hire or looking for work, Pangea’s got you covered. Sign up for free at today!