Pangea Pro Spotlight: Graphic Designer & Illustrator Soraya Sardine
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Pangea Pro Spotlight: Graphic Designer & Illustrator Soraya Sardine

For a freelancer to become a Pangea Pro, they must first pass through our thorough vetting processes.
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Pangea Pro Soraya Sardine

Because of the nature of the work, designers' work samples are examined under our microscope to ensure they have what it takes to produce quality designs for clients on Pangea.

In a program where only 3% of applicants are admitted, Soraya Sardine and her designs are leading the charge. Earning 20+ badges and reviews from Pangea clients for their work, Soraya has exceeded expectations time and time again. 

Soraya is one of Pangea's most decorated freelance designers

Creating Animations for Inklings Baby

Soraya’s first client on Pangea set the tone for what’s shaped up to be an impressive freelance designer career thus far. Passionate about illustration and animation as well, Soraya jumped at the chance to work with infant toy and book developers, Inklings Baby. 

Having since taken the e-commerce and retail world by storm, Inklings Baby reached out to Pangea back in 2021 to commission an animated promo video. According to co-founder and COO, Aimee Danchise, Soraya was a clear communicator who understood project management, was efficient, and delivered seamlessly upon their direction.

Graphic Design & Marketing for Tinkti

The startup’s startup, Tinkti takes a scientific approach to helping new businesses get off the ground. From creating wireframes and landing pages using Wordpress to designing mockups and branding assets, Tinkti put Soraya’s skill sets to test in a variety of ways.

Connecting startups with freelancers is Pangea’s specialty, so when a company like Tinkti comes along who shares a similar mission the results tend to be overwhelmingly positive. Not only was Tinkti able to get the help they needed by hiring Soraya, they were also able to work together to help countless other startups get the ball rolling. 

Designing for AKimball Creative

On a mission to build brands for small businesses and entrepreneurs, AKimball Creative specializes in copywriting and design. AKimball regularly turns to Pangea for their freelance writing and design needs, largely in part to their experiences hiring Pros like Soraya.

Having worked together for several months now, Soraya is AKimball’s junior graphic designer and is well on her way to senior status. Combining a love for design with their digital marketing experience, Soraya’s versatility and work ethic quickly led to more impactful opportunities within the company.

A sneak peak into Soraya's digital portfolio.

Setting the Bar For Pangea Pro

Soraya is a shining example of what it means to be a Pangea Pro. Hardworking, self starting, and experienced, Pangea Pros are the types of freelancers that can make an instant impact on your business.

If you’re a startup, small business, or entrepreneur in need of graphic, UI/UX, web, or mobile design, search no further than Soraya and others like them are ready to get to work today at a price point that works well for all involved. If you haven’t already, tap into the power of Pangea Pro by signing up for free today!