5 Ways to Keep the Content Cycle Going
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5 Ways to Keep the Content Cycle Going

Keeping on top of the content cycle is one hefty task, but here are five tips that may help you stay ahead of the game.
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Let’s face it, we consume so much content it feels like we’re making our way through a black hole. Between Instagram, Twitter, and whatever other social media platform you lean towards, there is a constant flow of information. The steady stream of photos, videos, and opinions makes it difficult to stand out, and creating your own work can sometimes feel like you’re on a hamster wheel: the wheel is spinning but you’re heading nowhere.

Keeping the content cycle going can be hard, but your brain shouldn't feel like it's trapped on a hamster wheel
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Before we start, let’s keep in mind what the content cycle does. According to David Somerville, there are three main components:

  1. A way of helping to plan and implement your content strategy.
  2. A way of making you focus on objectives and audiences.
  3. A way of reporting fully on your content production and help to justify the return on investment.

We’re only going to cover number one in this article. But not to fear, there are some really cool ways you can find inspiration, and it may just come from the social media Gods themselves.

Pull from real life

Sometimes good old content comes from things that are simply going on in the world. Consumers relate to holidays, personal trials and triumphs, or even events going on in the world or a nearby city. It may sound obvious, but don’t pass up the little things since they can make for great social media posts.

Put A Twist On Past Topics

Chances are you can only talk about a certain topic one way until it gets old. So, reuse content you already have, but take a different angle. Neil Patel suggests repurposing your best performing content. This approach gives you the potential to actually increase engagements and pick up authority.

I don't know who you are, but you visited my site once, so now I will find you again and again and again
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Focus On Content You Want To Be Discovered For

This kind of content is most likely considered your cornerstone articles, which should be updated pretty frequently. They should be the best articles on your website and the first to be updated on a consistent basis. This will no doubt ensure your content cycle is up to date and fresh.

Combine Similar Posts

If you publish a lot of content, some posts could be near identical. One may also be significantly older than the other, but still have very helpful information. In that case, pull from the old and the new to make a fresh piece.

Keep Up With Google Trends

Google Trends will help you pinpoint keywords to make sure your content in discoverable. Not only will it help with getting eyes on it, but you can compare keywords to understand your target audience. Google Trends analyzes where a word or phrase is being searched most often and how it’s being searched (i.e. what is freelancing?).  Depending on popularity, it might also help you decide what topic you what to focus on to make sure it’s reaching the right people.

The content cycle can be grueling, but it can also be really fun, especially when you have a team of writers who are willing to put in the work. Always keep in mind that when something is not working, it’s okay to experiment and adjust our approach.

Hella fresh. Just like the great content you'll be creating in your next college freelance job on Pangea.app. Thanks, Jake Peralta.
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