4 Reasons To Start Freelancing In College
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4 Reasons To Start Freelancing In College

There are ways to invest in your future while in college that have nothing to do with money, but will ultimately lead you there.
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It could be super intimidating to break into the world of freelance, but if you’re lucky enough to be a college student using Pangea.app you’re already ahead of the game. So, use this opportunity to invest in your future – and not in a monetary way. Although, it’s nice that you’ll always get paid when you find a project on Pangea.

I like to think about all the opportunities we get in college between taking various classes, working towards competitive internships, and diving into the world of on-campus organizations.

All of these aspects of college life have one thing in common: For the most part, they’re redundant every semester.  What do I mean by that? You typically know what to expect every time you head to a class or go to a meeting. Oh, and you don’t make money by going to class or being in an on-campus club. What’s worse is when you get one of those internships that don’t want to pay you, which unfortunately happens to a lot of students.

I’m a big proponent of freelancing during college for several reasons, but I definitely have the words to explain my top four.

1.      You can work outside your major

Sometimes when you apply for an internship, they take students based on what they’re majoring in. Um, hello! How the hell are we supposed to know what we like if we can only apply to a position if we’re a public relations major?

2.      You don’t have to stick to one project for long

You can complete a project in a set amount of time and will be able to determine whether you actually like it or not. If you like it, you can seek out other projects similar to this once. Like it and still curious about other things? Then go find different projects that might lead you on another path. Hate it? No problem, get on the app and find another gig you might prefer.

3.      You don’t need to be an expert

Re: topics above.  In college, you should have the freedom to try jobs on for size.  So, even though you should be competent and diligent when working on a project, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions that come with the eagerness to learn. Pro tip: No one is ever really an “expert.

4. You’re actually given responsibility

Okay, if you’ve had internships the way I have, then you’ve been given an inconsistent amount of responsibility. Internships are sometimes a gamble when it comes to the kind of work you get, especially at large companies that just seem to have internship programs out of obligation. With freelancing, companies actually need the help – they’re going to challenge you to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

Keep my points in mind as you navigate the gig economy. Don’t be stressed! There’s a reason why you’re here (on Pangea.app) – take advantage of it!