5 Tips For Landing an Awesome Job on Pangea.app
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5 Tips For Landing an Awesome Job on Pangea.app

Inside tips on how to find the projects of your dreams on Pangea.app.
Table of Contents

Pick A Good Profile Picture

Your profile is the first thing employers see when they get a proposal from you. If we’re getting to the nitty-gritty, they actually see your profile picture before anything else. So pick a profile pic that reflects the confident, wonderful college professional you are.

Beef Up Your Profile

Your Pangea Profile is a snapshot of where you've been and where you're heading. Make sure you populate each section of your profile to give potential clients a clear picture of who you are and what you're capable of.

Sections of your Pangea Profile that should be completed include:

  • About Me: In 5-8 sentences, write a brief bio containing your goals, interests, and what you're able to do for potential clients.
  • Featured Work: Here is where you should feature your portfolio, personal website, or work samples.
  • Experience: Similar to your resume, detail any or all applicable work experiences you've had, whether they're full-time, part-time, or freelance.
  • Skills: Select 5 key skills that are relevant to your unique abilities. These skills will determine how your profile is populated in clients' search results.
  • Areas of Interest: Let your clients know what interests you in terms of your career goals and hobbies.
  • Base Rate: If you have a going rate, you can name that here. You can always select negotiable as well if you're flexible or just starting out.
  • Availability: Here is where you'll confirm how many hours per week you're currently able to take on.
  • Language: If you're bilingual, this could be a huge plus for many clients. Make sure you let them know!

Send (Multiple) Proposals

If you’re interested in a position and want to gain experience, send a proposal! You should apply to as many positions as possible that you think you may be able to fit into your schedule. The great thing about the listings on Pangea.app: everything is remote, so you don’t need to consider a commute into your time commitment.  

When sending a proposal:

  • Keep it Short: Proposals should be 5-8 sentences tops.
  • Introduce Yourself: Use the first line or so to introduce yourself and state your interest in the position.
  • Show Off: Let them know how great you are and what you can do for them!
  • Highlight Work Samples: If your featured work section is populated, Pangea will include this for you. If there are specific samples you want them to see, it can't hurt to include direct links so they don' have to search for them.
  • ALWAYS Leave a Proposal: Not all clients requests you to make a proposal, but you always should. This will set you apart and make a great first impression.

Follow Up

Pangea.app does the best it can on our end to make sure employers are looking at your proposals, but sometimes companies are busier than we anticipate. So, don’t be afraid to send employers a nudge and ask them what the status of your proposal is. What’s better? Some companies like it when students take initiative and appreciate the follow-up. Being proactive in your freelance job search will significantly increase the odds of getting hired.

Do Good Work

The key to getting more jobs on Pangea.app is doing quality work. Communicate with employers if you have questions or feel like a deadline may be too tight. Most importantly, make sure the finished product is something you’re proud of and something that will put a smile on your boss’s face. Every time a client pays an invoice on Pangea, they're able to award you badges and leave reviews that will be displayed on your profile. Don't worry, we don't share the bad stuff (not that a rockstar like you has anything to worry about there).