Celebrating Work Independence
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Celebrating Work Independence

This Fourth of July Pangea.app is taking the time to celebrate not only America’s independence, but work independence.
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This Fourth of July Pangea.app is taking the time to celebrate not only America’s independence, but work independence.

We’re no strangers to the concept. Adam Alpert and John Tambunting founded Pangea.app to give students a platform to find side hustles and bring in a relatively steady stream on income while in school and after.  No doubt, the team at Pangea.app thrives on independence, giving every team member ownership of projects that keep our mission moving forward. We’ve grown a network of students across the US and Canada who have this very mindset, looking for the next project they can own.  And it can all be done by joining Pangea.app and dipping a toe in the world of freelance.

I understand the hesitance of jumping into an independent work life. From the outside, it seems like a constant hustle that could be hard to get the hang of at first. But the gig economy is booming now more than ever before. Besides, when did a little hustle ever scare you?


Freelance is the Future

…and the future is here.

More than half of the Gen-Z workforce has gone freelance. And our generation is sick of relying on a 9 to 5 to pay the bills when it offers no freedom and can sometimes feel like it’s getting us nowhere fast.

According to Statista, freelance has taken off in recent years, with a report showing six million more people were in the gig economy last year compared to 2014. That’s up from 53-million-freelance workers to 59-million.

You Work For Yourself

You get to decide what your day will look like when you wake up. You also get to choose who you want to work with and what kind of work you want to do. It does take some self-discipline to keep in line with your schedule, especially since most freelancers work remote, but it can be done.

Did Someone Say Remote?

Freelancers are taking the world by storm, literally. You can work from the comfort of your own home or your local coffee shops. Granted, some of the gig workers I know are working in Aspen, Colorado one week before heading off to Los Angeles the next. And depending on what kind of field you’re in, like content production, you might need to travel for your job.

There’s Real Money To Be Made… And Saved

Whether you work on short term projects with several different clients or take on a few long term projects, you can earn a comfortable living. There are some tips and tricks to doing your taxes that can help you understand what you might be able to write off as a freelancer that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to working under someone else.

What are you waiting for?

Ditch the 9-5.

Why work with one company when you have the ability to team up with several clients? You can build your own career path with Pangea.app, and that’s personally my favorite part. Each client you work with is another lesson learned, skill acquired, and connection made. Not to mention, another accomplishment on your portfolio.

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