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Carlo Martin

Design leader and strategist • 15 years of experience • San Francisco, CA

Top Earner

Recommended 12x


Jason Smith

Graphic Designer • 6 years of experience • New York, NY

Top Earner



Erica Johnson

Frontend Developer • 5 years of experience • Nashville, TN

Top Earner

React Native


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Talent have experience working both in-house and at agencies for B2B, DTC, and B2C startups and brands.

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An early career freelancer on Pangea
Alexander Jones

Product Designer

An early career freelancer on Pangea
Emily Stark

Product Designer

An early career freelancer on Pangea
Benjamin Lee

Product Designer

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Growth Marketing

Ollie Watson


Brand Strategy

Keiran Chaney


AI Engineering

Elizabeth Schmidt



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Carlo Martin

Design leader and strategist • 15 years of experience • San Francisco, CA

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13% of annual salary

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